YUR Releases Early Access Desktop App For PC VR Calorie Tracking

YUR (“why you are”) is releasing a desktop app for PC VR via Steam today, which aims to track your calories and workouts across any PC VR game.

The application, available on Steam, can display a realtime overlay on any game with fitness and workout stats including calories burned. The YUR dashboard will also allow you to look at your workout history in VR, alongside personal achievements and leaderboards across VR games.

The application is designed to work with any VR game or experience and will allow you to estimate your calories burned while in VR. YUR claims that the calorie estimation is very accurate. This PC VR application continues YUR’s expansion across a range of VR headsets. In September, it launched a beta application for Oculus Quest that could similarly track calories across the headset, however, it could only be installed via SideQuest. Certain PC VR games, such as Synth Riders, also previously supported YUR integration, however this new YUR desktop app will work with any VR experience, without native developer integration required.

In addition to the new desktop app, YUR is also releasing a 2.0 update to the Quest version, which increases stability, accuracy, and visuals. The update will be available through SideQuest.

After the early access launch today, YUR will work on expanding the app to include a leveling system and integration with an accompanying website. These features are planned to be included in the full release when the app leaves early access in the new year.

Have you tried any of the YUR fitness trackers already? Let us know what you think.

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