Yesterday I believed I was going to die! : Asthma

Yesterday evening, I was soaking in epsom salt; trying to fight off a long list of symptoms (fever of 102.3, headache, sore neck, shoulders, back and legs, diarrhea, I think you all get the point).

Anyways, not even two seconds in, I feel no oxygen going into my lungs. I try to take deeper breaths but it eventually turns to wheezing.

I crawl out of the bathtub a scramble for my inhaler. I hadn’t used it in months but I luckily find it. Upon taking it, i began choking, I can’t breathe so I dial 911 for help.

She asked the usual questions but I’m struggling through the call, so she sends an ambulance. They take me to the ER, take another hit of my inhaler. My stats begin reading normal, all that remained were the symptoms from before the bath.

Has anyone else ever experienced anything similar with epsom salt?

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