WTF Wednesday! From #Momo, #Asteen and #Bhukla, Bigg Boss 13 fans have hit new lows of trolling

Bigg Boss 13 is a rage on Twitter. We are seeing fandoms doing everything for their favourite and sparing no efforts to bring rivals down. The trolling of contestants has touched a new high or should we say low. While some of the names might sound a little funny, some Twitter fans are using some truly nasty words. Arhaan Khan seems to be a soft target for many. While his rumoured girlfriend, Rashami Desai has been nicknamed as #Flushme and #Momo, Arhaan has been subjected to worst. From #Ramlal to #ChatniKumar, social media users are having a field day at his expense.

While the above instances might just be remotely okay with some, volatile Twitter users have indulged in worst. Sidharth Shukla with his mercurial temperament has been freely called a psycho, abuser and chauvinist on Twitter. While we agree that his behaviour inside the house has been deplorable on many occasions, this concept of giving character certificates on social media is not laudable either. And to think to it, people calling them such names hardly know them in person. The Bigg Boss house is not a place where people can always retain a cool head and fireworks are bound to happen.

Social media is a boon for every fan. You can shower love, make edits, VMs and do a lot of stuff to make your hero or heroine feel on top of the world. It can also convey a message to the makers if needed. However, trolling with the worst possible names is unnecessary. Nobody has done anything to deserve that. While many celebs are quick to respond to body-shaming, this kind of name-calling is also detrimental. Let us remember that these people have slogged for years to reach a certain position in life. Vile comments on social media do not reflect anything more than a twisted mind. Stay tuned to BL for more scoops and updates.

  • ByUrmimala Banerjee