Who went home on DWTS 28×08?

In Jeopardy:

Ally Brooke and Sasha

Kate Flannery and Pasha

Went Home:

Kate Flannery and Pasha

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All dances can be viewed here

[Dance-off Info]
Couples danced off against one another, winner got additional 2 points. James was granted immunity and 2 bonus points automatically because he has the highest cumulative total for the season

Hannah vs Lauren
Ally vs Kel
Kate vs Spicey

James and Emma – 32 (30 individual, 2 dance-off bonus)
Hannah and Alan – 31 (29 individual, 2 dance-off bonus)
Ally and Sasha – 30 (30 individual FIRST PERFECT SCORE OF THE SEASON, 0 dance-off bonus)
Kel and Witney – 30 (28 individual FIRST 10 OF THE SEASON, 2 dance-off bonus)
Lauren and Gleb – 24 (24 individual, 0 dance-off bonus)
Kate and Pasha – 26 (24 individual, 2 dance-off bonus)
Spicey and Lindsay – 20 (20 individual, 0 dance-off bonus)

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