What weather adds the most to a game?

What weather adds the most to a game?

A recent Twitter thread about which game has the most realistic rain got us thinking about weather. From nuclear storms in Mad Max and Metro Exodus, to wind blowing through Velen’s trees in The Witcher 3, to regular old Minecraft rain. Memorable weather can add a lot to the experience of play.

Our latest weekend question is this: What weather adds the most to a game?

Here are our answers, plus a few from our forum.

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Lauren Morton: I’ve been getting back to Sea Of Thieves and Red Dead Online lately and let me tell you I’m having some feelings about fog. Foggy mornings are rare where I’m from—or at least I think they are. Maybe I just don’t wake up early enough. Good game fog has presence. It has volume. Just like the real stuff. It’s just a bit spooky, like it might wrap you up and trap you forever. When I run into a good foggy day in game I believe I’ve made inane out loud comments such as “oh wow, how about that fog” but inside I’m fascinated. 

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