What was your diagnosis/treatment like? : Asthma

For reference, I’m in the US. I feel like medical professionals have dealt with my asthma by not dealing with it at all and I’m just feeling a little frustrated about it. I’m trying to figure out if it’s standard or if I just need to make more of a stink about it.

When I was 12 I was on my junior high cross country team and could run a 7 minute mile. When I was 13 I had to quit because I could barely run for a quarter of a mile. My dad, also an asthmatic, mentioned in passing to my pediatrician during a check up (my sister’s check up actually) that I had asthma and the doctor prescribed me an Albuterol inhaler with zero follow up. I read the instructions that came with it and basically followed that. Every few years I’d notice it was expired and would bring that up at the next doctors appointment where they’d just write me a new prescription for the inhaler with zero questions. The reason I was so lax about the inhaler is it didn’t really help but I didn’t really think much of that because I just kind of assumed that this was what asthma was and if the inhaler didn’t really help then that was a me issue and I really wish that literally any doctors had bothered to talk to me about asthma or ask me literally any questions. What was your experience like? Is this just how doctors approach asthmatics by default? Am I just unlucky with healthcare providers? Do I give off an air of confidence and competent airways?

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