Warframe Continues To Evolve After TennoCon 2020

Warframe Continues To Evolve After TennoCon 2020

Heart of Deimos reveal, Pilotable Mechs, and a Brand New Warframe

TennoCon’s 2020 online keynote has officially wrapped up and with it comes a huge set of announcements coming to Warframe across all platforms on August 25. From new open worlds to explore, to even pilotable mechs, Digital Extremes continues to pump Warframe full of rich content for its devoted playerbase to sink their teeth into.

Starting with Heart of Deimos, players will be able to explore a new open world set on a living and infected moon overrun by the parasitic forces of Warframe’s infested faction. It’s here on this grotesque world that players will set off to uncover the twisted origins of the infested and the vile experiments run by the fabled Entrati family.

A new twist Digital Extremes has introduced with Heart of Deimos’ open world is that the series of underground tunnels that run beneath the moon’s surface are going to be procedurally generated, which aims to make the exploration of this living bio mass feel fresh every time.

To push back the threat of the infested hivemind and its seemingly unending hoard, players will need to quickly become familiar with their new weapon left behind by the Entrati, the Necramechs. These pilotable hulking suits of armour are likely going to be the key to your survival in this expansion, allowing players to delve deeper into the horrific tunnels of the Infested’s homeworld all the while unleashing a new arsenal of serious firepower.

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