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Types of Cancer Ribbon Tattoos

Types of Cancer Ribbon Tattoos

Types of Cancer Ribbon Tattoos in our articles can endlessly go on how tattoos are regarded as a form of art and that they give a deeper meaning to the person who wears them. While it is true, they also have another purpose to serve which is equally important which is delivering a message.

Types of Cancer Ribbon Tattoos in a way considered rare, but their main purpose of existence is merely to relay a message. Not only displaying something of importance about the person wearing them, but it is also meant to spark conversations that lead to raising awareness.

People who normally passed by other people will now be able to see something interesting that’ll have the possibility to start a conversation. Those who have interested in either the artwork or supporting cancer might be intrigued to inquire about the tattoo design once they see it, which is exactly the desired function of the tattoo that is intended. There are different types of cancer tattoos out there and are portrayed in different ways to reflect message say are designed to deliver.

Types of Cancer Ribbon Tattoos

Cancer Ribbon Tattoos

We previously came across Cancer Type Tattoos and breast cancer tattoos, but we have never gone before in-depth about the other types of cancer ribbon tattoos available designs for people who would like to raise awareness. In general, the appearance of the ribbon does not change – they basically are the Same shape with one side folded over the other one. The color embedded indicates what type of cancer they are raising awareness against. Whether it’s pink that stands for breast cancer, gray for brain cancer, gold for childhood cancer, or even a zebra-pattern for carcinoid cancer, those who are familiar with the color code are quick to identify and start a conversation.

Many companies take the benefit of slapping the ribbon on their public profile to raise their sales numbers, and just because they have cancer ribbon on, it doesn’t mean that company this actually contributing any financial help at all the cancer research centers or relief organizations. If you are planning on getting a cancer ribbon tattoo, then you should also be vetted on how to give donations to such organizations, or even have a history of donating yourself. Otherwise, you might help by raising awareness instead of getting a tattoo you might want to consider donating the tattoo money to research where it to be well spent.

Types of Cancer Ribbon Tattoos

It is difficult to figure out what type of research organization you can donate, where cancer research is filled with pitfalls, but you can find credible organizations such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation which support cancer patients in ways that do not require medical assistant, so you might want to consider this option. Whatever your decision is, the money will be well spent.

Cancer Memorial Tattoos

Where the average lifespan increasing around the globe, people are prevailing over cancer and become more distant from death. It appears in thousands of old people, as a natural result of the aging process that is found in all of us, it is extremely difficult for modern doctors and physicians to provide treatment to everyone, promptly and successfully. The sad outcome is that those who are unlucky and lost the battle leaving behind their loved ones each and every year. To commemorate the lives of the lost ones, tattoos have been used as a cancer memorial insignia with no exception what so ever.

Cancer Type Tattoos do last forever, which makes them one of the best ways to immortalize those who have left us. The most common designs are winged ribbons for ribbons wrapped around a Cross, combined with the date of birth and the date of death. Another straightforward way to get a cancer memorial tattoo such as getting a portrait of a person and combine it today. Our favorite type of cancer memorial tattoo tends to focus on the personality of the subject, rather than their disease. Also, a favorite animal or a certain activity combined with the date and the ribbon delivers the same message across in addition to the personality of the deceased. Whatever you decide to choose make sure it is something that your lost one would love to look at and be proud of. It is for them after all.

Cancer Survivor Tattoos

It’s difficult to call yourself a cancer survivor. Where it Might take months-and sometimes years-before you can claim it and say that you have survived the disease. Surgeries, chemo, and frequent hospital in and outs with all kinds of things that have been added up your difficult journey which very few are able to survive. And if you are one of the lucky ones, or if you are feeling proud of someone who made it, then we are happy to say that there are hundreds of designs that are available for you to choose from.

Even though there are two Types of Cancer Ribbon Tattoos, cancer survivor tattoos are more focused on the symbolism of ribbon that was picked by us. With scripted artistic ‘Survivor’ hovering around the ribbon as surely a quick way to get your message across to your counterpart. Quotes that describe victory or war is a more suitable have survived-and a sure thing that they will trigger a conversation with others. As you are someone who went through the horrible terrors of cancer, you would be eligible to raise awareness and communicating through your body and words. You could be considered as a pillar hope for those who are still dealing with it and then the information provided those who are not.

Types of Cancer Ribbon Tattoos
Types of Cancer Ribbon Tattoos

Skin Cancer Tattoos

For sure, those who are cancer-free I Have a good reason to worry about getting skin cancer from tattoos. Those who are with skin cancer might be willing to learn ways to avoid aggravating their condition. The main rule for getting a tattoo is to never color a mole or a bumpy freckle. It is highly possible that is moles will develop cancer cells at a later stage, and if it gets covered by a tattoo, it will be extremely difficult to notice. If you think you are at risk of getting skin cancer or have a history of skin cancer, then I would not recommend you getting a tattoo at all. It might trigger a conditioned you already have or condition you do not know about. For the rest of you out there, researchers incense that tattooing is a safe procedure, we are inclined to agree with them.

If you are struggling with cancer or would like to support someone, then getting a cancer tattoo is a good conversation starter with others. Remember to brush up and be prepared with information about research, organizations, and different support tactics-after all, it is the best way to raise awareness. If your actions would be able to prevent even a single person from going through the same lonely, difficult, excruciating journey that we all know so well-then your Cancer Type Tattoos are worth it.

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