Troy Trailer Shows Trojan Heroes and Their Abilities


Today Creative Assembly released a new trailer of the upcoming Total War game A Total War Saga: Troy focusing on the Trojan heroes.

Today Creative Assembly released a new trailer of the upcoming Total War game A Total War Saga: Troy.

This new video focuses on the heroes hailing from Troy itself. The choice of which warlord to play will strongly influence your playstyle, as their abilities are very different. The only exception is that Hectors and Paris share one ability in their rivalry to become kings of Troy. 

This trailer makes the pair with yesterday’s, which focused on the heroes from Greece.

You can check the video out below.

The game was announced a while ago by Creative Assembly, and a few days ago we learned that it’ll be exclusive to the Epic Games Store for a year. This is a one-off, and the developer doesn’t plan to continue with the same initiative on further Total War games going forward. We also saw another video focusing on the famous Trojan Horse, one featuring Achilles, another focusing on Menelausone showcasing Paris, and one starring Agamemnon.

That being said, it’ll also be free for a day when it launches on August 13, 2020.

If you’re unfamiliar with A Total War Saga: Troy, you can read an official description and our hands-on preview.

Dive into Greek Myth
Inspired by The Iliad – Homer’s sweeping tale of romance and bloodshed – A Total War Saga: TROY focuses on the historical flashpoint of the Trojan War, bringing the conflict to life as never before.

Experience the Trojan War
TROY explores this legendary conflict from both the Greek and Trojan perspectives, peeling back the layers of myth and legend to reveal the realities that may have inspired them.

Choose Your Hero
Fight to save or conquer the kingdom of Troy as one of eight iconic heroes, including the infamous warrior Achilles, noble protector Hector, wayward prince Paris and vengeful king Menelaus.

Build a Bronze Age Empire
Through Total War’s blend of grand, turn-based empire management and spectacular real-time battles, your actions can turn the tide of the war. Build your empire through strategy, statecraft, diplomacy and all-out war, as you conquer this vast and striking recreation of the Bronze Age Mediterranean.

Fight Alongside Mythic Units
Inspired by the famed creatures of Greek myth, you can call mythic units to your aid in the heat of battle, including fighters that resemble the Minotaur, the Cyclops, Giants and Centaurs.

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