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Sunny is out today, back tomorrowTulsi Gabbard

Two more clips behind the cut [Spoiler (click to open)]

Tulsi Gabbard wants you to know that she is a patriot but watch for Joy 😲 😃

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
[Omg @ Joy loooool who is pleasant but has less than zero f.cks to give]
Whoopi asks about Hawaii telescope on sacred land. Reminds about Sondland changing testimony, wonders if Tulsi was surprised. Tulsi ignores the question, goes right in to Hillary complaints, the accusations of being a Russian asset, trojan horse, a useful idiot. Gives imapatriot! speech, she’s intelligent woman of color. More speech. Joy says well Franklin Graham finds her refreshing, Richard Spencer white nationalist says he’d vote for her, says Tulsi goes on Tucker Carlson 16x. Joy pokes more about Hillary. Abby plays audio of Hillary remarks. Tulsi says it’s outrageous she would be accused of being a Russian asset. Lists her resume. Whoopi asks if she is surprised when everyone sees the bots propping her up, for people to think that. Tulsi says it’s offensive to be accused [but doesn’t answer question]. Joy wants to know what her evidence is that Hillary is a warmonger. Tulsi says Iraq war. Joy says, did Tulsi believe in it. Tulsi said she believed the lies. Joy says, well so did Hillary. Tulsi continues to talk about smear campaigns.

Abby says Tulsi’s not afraid to go against her own party. Tulsi said she won’t run as third party, she wants to do xyz. Talks her campaign. Meghan says she evokes really strong reactions, seems to be a threat to both sides. Tulsi says she can’t be controlled, everyone sees her as a threat.

Joy repeats that there is a difference from being used (unwitting) vs being complicit. Asks why does Tulsi go on Fox with Tucker Carlson who is a liar, instead of other Fox reporters who are more balanced. Tulsi says she’s offended by being called a witting or unwitting asset [but doesn’t answer the question]. Whoopi brings up quote again. Tulsi says she’s going to speak to everyone, not just those who agree with her [but still doesn’t answer the question]. Meghan says Tulsi cares about the audience and doesn’t negate everyone. Joy says she’s not talking about all of Fox, she names Tucker and Sean Hannity who are repeated liars. Abby brings up Kamala saying her race and gender (speaking about herself) are the elephant in the room, wonders if Tulsi feels the same way. Tulsi talks about that topic. Whoopi asks Day 1 as Potus will Tulsi reverse tax laws. Tulsi talks healthcare and not having big insurance and big pharma at the table at the same time. Whoopi wants to know if she’s going to give money back. Tulsi talks tax generalities. Meghan is glad that Tulsi won’t take her guns.

I’m still lol @ Joy

Hot Topic #Impeachapalooza is Dumber Godfather© Stupider Watergate™

Sondland remembered he did know about quid pro quo, changed his testimony prior to his transcript release. He changed his testimony in lieu of perjury, after the transcripts released Monday revealed that he lied. Meghan goes in to detail. Abby says it wasn’t that long ago, so how silly it was that he forgot, then suddenly remembered. Joy mocks Lindsey Graham. Plays clip. The GOP is such a joke. It’s your job to read and stay on top of these things. Meghan still loves LG, says he’s doing what he thinks is best. But what he’s saying isn’t productive. Whoopi says there are certain jobs you have, you can’t say as an elected official that you’re refusing to read testimony paramount to your job. Abby says the goalposts keep moving. Says we have everything for impeachment.

Hot Topic Election Night Big Blue Wins

[There is an audience lady from KY who is asked some comments]
Tuesday Election Day results woo hoo. Virginia flipped state level House and Senate, they now have a state blue trifecta. KY Dem Governor beat incumbent even tho T45 warned voters at Mon Klan rally. Plays clip. The greatest defeat in the history of the world… You can’t let that happen to meeeee. Incumbent hasn’t conceded. Most politics are local, so stumping doesn’t matter. Joy says woman who flipped bird as T45 caravan was passing, she got fired over that incident but then she sued her company and won severance. Last night she won a seat on Board of Supervisors, beating incumbent GOP by 52%. Abby says KY Gov was really unpopular. Meghan lists reasons he was hated. Calls out woman in audience from KY. Audience lady says they’re not surprised but very happy. Joy says Moscow Mitch is next, how’s he taking it. Audience lady says she hopes he’s taking it very, very bad. Meghan talks tea leaves since T45 never takes accountability, normally if he stumps for candidate in super red state, the candidate is helped.

Whoopi has word salad some more about whatever. Thinks it’s a mistake to assume the party in power has a stranglehold on local race. Talks about what’s in your wallet. Show me the money. [Her obsession with bank accounts like she lives in poverty is really tiresome]. Joy lists more reasons Bevin was very unpopular. Abby supports states rights, thinks Dem won because he talked about local needs not T45. Mitch is most unpopular Senator, he should be worried. Brings up Amy who is running against Mitch. Meghan says she’s running a bad campaign. Audience lady talks about Bevin, doesn’t think Amy has run that kind of campaign.

Hot Topic Spicer on DWTS Youtried.gif

Sean Spicer has more job security on DWTS but that may be ending soon, Whoopi wonders if judges are over him. Plays clip. Meghan says he’s the only part that she watches, he’s terrible, she loves it. Joy wonders when Rudy Colludy will be on the show. Abby says it’s like The Bachelor where even if you don’t like them, you don’t want them to leave, because it’s more fun for them to stay on. Whoopi is happy because she doesn’t watch tv, wonders about T45 tweeting for followers to vote for Spicer. How does someone in the WH have time to do this, but if she was getting impeached, then she’d have time, too. Abby says when there are important things, you don’t hear from T45, but he has time for DWTS. Meghan says Spicer is so bad. Whoopi wants Spicer to be dressed as a bush (looooooool omg that would be glorious).

Ontd do you want Spicey to be dressed on DWTS as that funny bush meme?

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