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Jane Fonda has been protesting climate change on the steps of the Capital for Fire Drill Fridays

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[Such a bad ass and how is she 81 years old damn]
Whoopi and JF talk their time speaking about issues. JF has been arrested each Friday, four times. This past week, she was held overnight. Not a prison cell, but a holding cell where people are held for sentencing. Not great for someone her age, but she feels the saddest part is that there’s not enough money for resources such as safety nets and mental health, there’s poverty and racism, resulting in way too many people in jail. Abby lists the celeb friends who’ve been joining her. Sam Waterston, Ted Danson, Roseanna Arquette, Catherine Keener. Abby says she has a platform, she knows what she’s doing. JF says she’s following what the young people are doing, who are inspiring her. Greta, the Sunrise Movement, the Extinction movement, the students skipping school to protest. Abby wonders if getting arrested is the best way, she worries about living in an uncivil society. JF talks about civil disobedience, to make sure change comes happens. Even the scientists are saying we’ve got 11 yrs. Talks more about the fossil fuel industry.

Joy doesn’t feel the media has covered this the way it should. Says WH announced yesterday their formal plan to leave Paris Climate Accord*. Wants it to be front page headlines, not just news about impeachment. JF says that is what she’s doing this for. Whoopi talks about Calif. before environmental regulations helped clean up the air, other examples. Whoopi wonders if we don’t do it, then who else, because it will be too late. JF says we have to support the Green New Deal. Abby talks about living in Beijing, the pollution, bashes Green New Deal, but on the other side climate deniers aren’t helping, all the extreme positions while nothing is getting done. Abby tries to argue but lol JF tells facts and figures about fossil fuel industry, brings up military budget.

Whoopi reminds this is election day in some places. JF says use climate change as a litmus test. Says if we had started 30 yrs ago, it could’ve been an incremental moderate transition. JF says it’s too late for moderation. We have to vote for people who are willing to do the hard work. Joy wonders if Biden has that. JF doesn’t want to name names. Says 2/3rd Americans want a binding climate treaty. Vents more on fossil fuel industry. Joy says all roads lead to these Congress people. Whoopi begs people to vote. Our children and our grandchildren, we have to fight for their future. Whoopi says we need a billion people to step up. Diverts topic. They give JF a care package for the next time she goes to jail. Gives basket, with inflatable neck pillow and thermal blanket. JF says she can’t take anything, but she’s smart so she layered. A warm sweater could be a pillow, a coat for mattress or her cover.

*US does not officially leave the Paris Climate Accord until the day after the 2020 Election. The same day the Democratic President-Elect will announce re-joining the Paris Climate Accord. Climate change needs more media, but the ~announcement yesterday was only a distraction from testimony transcripts released.

Hot Topic #Impeachapalooza is Dumber Godfather© Stupider Watergate™

Whoopi starts with Rand Paul at T45 Klan rally last night. Plays clip. RP calls upon media to do their job and print the w.b. name. Joy says it’s against the law. Meghan goes on Insta live to lol about T45 Read the Transcript t-shirts [which is such a self-own for the dum dum T45 supporters]. If they actually read it, bloop. Whoopi says, if Nixon had tried this, we’d have gotten him out [sooner?]. Says there was still an era of ethics. But now we have a Justice Dept that nothing matters anymore. Sunny is disgusted, if RP was doing this to a witness on one of her cases, she’d send the FBI for witness intimidation which can result in up to 20 yrs jail time. Panel rants about the lawlessness. Joy says when you’re older you don’t have to do jury duty but if you were called and skipped it, you’ll get picked up. But these yahoos are openly flouting illegal behavior.

Abby talks details of Yovanovich testimony where she was threatened and degraded. Joy hums theme from The Godfather. Meghan talks about T45 wanting her fired from Fox and for all these people he goes after, it’s scary when you’re singled out by him. Whoopi says as long as we can still sit here and talk about these things, we still have laws. When we disappear, then it’s bad.

Hot Topic Biden Iowa

90 days away from Iowa caucuses. Whoopi starts with campaign promises. Is it a bad sign if Biden can’t win Iowa. Abby says she likes Biden but she’s worried about him. What’s the backup plan for him, and for Democrats. Worries if Warren is the nominee. Joy says he’s beating T45 in xyz red states, tied in MI, and losing by a whisker in NC. [Sidebar yay for recent NC court ruling about gerrymandering, redrawn maps will favor all Democrats]. Abby says he’s down in IA and NH. Whoopi talks in circles again about who it might be. Joy talks black community and their voter influence. Lists all the reasons T45 has to go, and the answer (based on Biden supporters) is him. Sunny doesn’t buy electability argument because she doesn’t think Obama would’ve won. Talks details. Sunny talks black women voter importance but there’s (hardly any) black people in Iowa. Meghan says don’t downplay it, even if it’s only 3-4%. Whoopi emphasizes importance of every vote matters. Sunny explains again that if black voters are influencing nominee and presidency, Iowa isn’t a benchmark, lists former potus who won, even tho they lost Iowa.

Meghan says Biden has to come in Top 3, he can’t come in fourth. Don’t underestimate momentum. Also says MSM is bored with him because they’ve been writing about him for 8+ years. Joy says boring is a good thing but Meghan thinks the bright shiny new thing is what grabs media. Brings up Yang, not getting the media attention he probably should be getting. Whoopi talks in clichés again. Talks other candidate good ideas and putting them into one. Meghan mentions Yang polls but he and Biden aren’t getting the same media attention as others, compares to media attention of Mayor Pete and Warren. Abby talks about her concern with Biden again, not exciting people. Whoopi says people feel like they know him. Like having a wife (lol). You know your wife. But the hot new chick comes along and catches your eye. Joy says keep your eye on the prize, get rid of T45. Meghan says focus on rustbelt. Whoopi says we’ll know when we know [rme].

Hot Topic Millennials Feel Bad About Themselves

In survey of 2000 millennials, 8 of 10 reveal they think they’re not good enough in virtually every area of their life. Whoopi wonders what that means, not good enough at what, why are they so hard on themselves. Joy says we all had self esteem issues but this feels ridiculous. Magazines always had blonde skinny b/tches. But now it’s on steroids, it’s relentless. Abby mentions suicide rates, social media impact. Joy says girls suffer more than boys, boys aren’t looking at [x]likes, they’re playing video games. Whoopi says at some point people decided people they didn’t know, knew more about who you should be [word salad]. Whoopi talks millennial culture. Not everyone gets a trophy, not everyone is special, then you find out you’re average or don’t always win, or not always perfect, it’s traumatic. When children are set up with unrealistic expectations, how will they survive reality. Abby talks social media again, the parents who live through their children, don’t realize the impact they have on their kids. Meghan says it’s weird that generations ago they stormed Normandy but now social media is impacting your life to such a degree, kids are being set up to fail. Sunny wasn’t the parent who felt every child gets a trophy, she doesn’t believe in that mentality. Sunny talks about being a poor loser, very competitive. Sunny has been going on college tours, so many resources are being put into mental health support. Whoopi says it starts at home.

Ontd do you think participation trophies are a good idea?

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