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The Daily Grind: Have you ruined your sleep for an MMO?

My wife and I were so excited for the launch of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade that we pre-ordered well in advance and were all set to go for the midnight launch, lining up with others outside of the Gamestop before it released, feeling tired and worn but so excited to get our copies and then get back home to see all of the new stuff in the expansion. We were so excited that we did the same thing a couple of years later for Wrath of the Lich King, this time standing outside in line as we eagerly waited for our boxed copies.

Of course, nowadays there’s no reason not to just get digital copies, and yet that barely matters because the most recent Final Fantasy XIV expansion inspired me to get up as soon as the servers were slated to be back online. I was up at the crack of dawn playing, and I spent the rest of the dang day chewing through the MSQ zealously. It demolished my sleep schedule for the better part of a week. I still don’t really regret it.

But then, MMOs have long allowed you to do things to ruin your sleep – long roleplaying events, camping monsters, marathon grinding sessions, and so forth. So have you ruined your sleep for an MMO? Or do you have the mark of pride of having always gotten a proper night’s rest regardless of other factors?

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