Tayshia and John Paul Jones Break Up, Are Maybe Feuding + Bachelor Promos

John Paul Jones and Tayshia, one of the fan favorite couples from Bachelor in Paradise, has broken up. They broke up on the show, but got together afterward, when Tayshia flew to Maryland to be with JPJ.

JPJ claims that he uprooted his life and moved to California to be with her, only to be rejected… which she says is not true.

She says that he actually moved to California to pursue an acting career, then claimed that he did it for her to make her look like a jerk.

Tayshia says:

“It makes me upset to be honest with you… He did not move to L.A. for me. And the fact that that’s, like, the headline, it really does piss me off.”

“He moved here because he wanted to be an actor! And because he was getting auditions and it was just easier for him to attend those as opposed to flying out. That’s why he moved here, and he knew that story from the very beginning.”


Also, ABC released the first promo for Peter’s season of The Bachelor last week. Thoughts?

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