Tamora Pierce’s 22-Book Tortall Universe to Receive Television Adaptation

Tamora Pierce’s Tortall universe, which spans 22 books, starting with Alanna: The First Adventure in 1983, is being adapted for television by Lionsgate and Playground Entertainment. No showrunner or dates have been announced yet.

“Tortall and its surrounding countries is a medieval fantasy universe, the home of an interesting assortment of heroes, many of them girls. There is military danger from neighbors like northern Scanra, eastern Tusaine, and worst of all, imperial Carthak in the south, with its ever-hungry slave culture and its greedy mage emperor. Pirates from Carthak, Scanra, and the Copper Isles haunt Tortall’s eastern shores. In a country both large and sparsely policed, there is always a risk of conflict, be it from rebel nobles, the impoverished people of the eastern hills, or the barely vanquished Bazhir tribes.”


What book series do you want to see adapted?

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