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San Judas Tattoo Ideas

San Judas Tattoo Ideas

These San Judas tattoo ideas will claim some real-estate areas on your body. The symbolism attached one of the disciples of our savior who will keep us from flames featured, visible, and clear as day in the tat, but for it be this visible it needs some skin to take place on.

He is regarded to be an emotional choice for a tattoo, usually acquired when faced against a serious life crisis marking its survival and triumph.

Hope & Heart of San Judas Tattoo

Tradition suggests that San Judas the patron saint of hopeless causes, in today’s world, reimagined as the bringer of hope and repairer of lost causes.

At the dawn of Christianity, his mission was to spread the message of hope through the Gospels of his teacher Jesus Christ. Usually, portrayed holding an image or a relic with the image of Christ, next to his heart.

The Majority of San Judas tattoo ideas are gray-scale illustrations.

From time to time you can find a flame passing over his head to symbolize the presence of the Pentecost

“Which is celebrated fifty days after Easter Sunday; commemorating the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and other followers of Jesus Christ; while they were in Jerusalem celebrating the Feast of Weeks, as described in the Acts of the Apostles.”

Gracing them with the courage to face down great difficulties and stronghold on to their faith.

Saint Judas Tattoo Design Ideas and Placements

We can recognize Saint Judas from his traditional look, a saint wearing a robe with long hair benevolent demeanor with a small detail added to his portrait to distinguish him from Christ-figure and the other Apostles, while his right-hand holds a detailed portrait of Christs or a medallion and a large staff in his left hand.

On a side note, it is hard to show this amount on details on a small tattoo.

If you are planning on a Saint Judas tattoo, you should expect some serious ink.

  • Calf: Where a full-length portrait can be featured on this perfect canvas size.
  • The calf provides a great room to have the halo of “light”, a full size of the walking staff, a swirl of robes and a full name to of the saints’ within the script to identify him. Also, we can find a similar canvas space on the upper arm and shoulder to hold the Saint tattoo.
  • It will take a highly-skilled illustrator to capture the aspects and perspective over your body curves that’s why you need to find to well-experienced portrait tattoo artist before you commit to your ink.
  • Chest: The front view of the body that goes across the chest. It is a favorite spot to feature a full Saint Judas image.
  • The Space in that area is more than sufficient to display crisp details placed to mirror the image of Saint Judas holding the picture of Christ over his heart over your heart.
  • Medallion: Another possibility for the front-body tattoo is a necklace tattoo portraying a chain or a rosary if Saint Judas medallion that is focusing on the bust of the saint, a hint of his staff, and any detail that can be included without distorting the image. The layout of this tattoo design highlights the value of prayer to Saint Judas, asking for intervention in difficult times and situations.
  • Neck or Ear: A smaller tattoo of Saint Judas is possible if the tattoo artist keeps the essential details and skips everything else. By taking advantage of the canvas behind the ear and under the hairline provides a flat-ich surface that is exposed all the time, as long as the tattoo bearer keeps his hair cut short. It is a visible expression of faith and a conversation starter. You might need to be prepared to answer casual questions if you want your life events to remain private, otherwise, Saint Judas tat who can be hidden underneath your clothing layers is much more of a suitable choice.

To Celebrate Your Cause

The Saint Jude Runs and Relay Races are individual fundraising events that support Saint Jude’s Children Research Hospital. Participants run the relay from Memphis to Peoria. On the other hand, other relays take place such as Champagne-Urbana, Chicago, Decatur, Springfield, St. Louis and other places to attract attention to the cause. Some runners can get sponsored by a company and wear their official logo (large black running shoe prints alongside smaller running bare feet in red) tattooed around their ankle or upon their calf muscle.

Some runners consider opting to incorporate an image of a loved one treated at Saint Jude’s Hospital as part of their tattoo. Others love to get a fresh tattoo every time they participate in a fundraising run. These tattoos signify that they belong to a club that was founded for people who went through a deep crisis to fortify them with hope for a cure and a better future for the younger generation battling a life-threatening disease.

For Who and Why San Judas Tattoo?

San Judas Thaddeus (he is not to be confused with Judas the Iscariot, the betrayer of Jesus) was the cousin of Jesus and one of the original 12 Apostles. He continued the work of Christ after the crucifixion, traveling and preaching the gospel of God at great personal risk to himself.

San Judas’s traditional depiction contains an image of a head of Christ in his arms with a walking staff. His known miracle was curing the King of Edessa of Leprosy after Jesus sent him to the king with a piece of cloth, on it he left an imprint of his face. When Jude delivered the cloth to the king, his leprosy disappeared.

San Judas, eventually he was tortured and killed for his faith. His remains reside alongside the other martyrs in the crypts below St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

A Hopeful Ink?

Your San Judas tattoo will declare that you have faced life’s setbacks with courage, optimism, and faith, to signify that a powerful saint has your back. Whether the image is on your back, or somewhere on your skin, just by seeing it, it will remind you of the marvelous mysteries of faith that can affect your actions and choices incorporated with hope to produce desired outcomes.

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