RDJ and Ryan Reynolds throw down in this week’s AGBO Superhero League

*After a week off, the superheroes of the AGBO Superhero Fantasy Football League are back at their trash talking, with RDJ talking on Ryan Reynolds.

*After being told by RDJ to “Eat Me”, Reynolds does just that, breaking out a RDJ photo cookie.

*Reynolds is currently in 2nd place and nipping on league leader Chris Hemsworth’s heels, both of them with 7-1 records. Both men suffered their first losses of the season last week, with Reynolds losing to Chris Evans (4-4, 8th place) and Hemsworth losing by a narrow two point margin to Tom Holland (4-4, 9th place)

*RDJ is currently in 11th place with a 3-5 record, having failed to defeat Joe Russo (2-6, 13th place) last week.

*Elizabeth Olsen(2-6,12th place) notched her second win of the season by squashing Chris Pratt(4-4, 7th place) 108-51! I figured ONTD would enjoy basking in Pratt’s defeat! 😂

*The season’s winner will receive a $100,000 check for the charity they are playing for. The full league standings and scores can be seen at ESPN.

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