ONTD Original: Top 10 La Roux Singles

It is no common feat to get new La Roux music, in fact there has been an average five years between her studio album releases, so to celebrate the new announcement of and album and the release of its lead single, here is a top 10 ranking of her singles, including promo singles and featured ones. Enjoy, please.

10. The Best of it — Empty Words —  2018

This is an obscure release that did not get much attention and that I personally had no idea existed until today. It is definitely a different type of single compared to any of her own, but I’m just grateful it exists because La Roux has only released nine singles on her own.

9. International Woman of Leisure — Supervision — 2019

I know it’s kind of a dick move to place her most recent single on such a low position, but I personally thought it was very meh. It may be a compliment to her own music that this new release is only ninth, but it certainly does not match to her previous releases.

8. Tropical Chancer — Trouble In Paradise —  2014

This is a great single, but its chill vibe make me wanna place it at number 8. Tropical Chancer was a promo single off her second studio album, and even though there is no music video it is a very vibe chill mellow song that stands out a bit.

7. Kiss And Not Tell — Trouble In Paradise — 2014

Ok it is officially starting to get hard to rank these singles, this is a very upbeat pop one, much in the vein of most of her work, but it somehow still feels less grand than most of her releases. Still a cute bop.

6. Quicksand — La Roux — 2008

Quicksand has all of the classic La Roux elements one could hope for in a single, but maybe because the success of the remaining singles off her debut album overshadowed this release, it is not a super popular single. Still a classic, I feel.

5. In For The Kill — La Roux — 2009

It is safe to say now that starting from this one and up till the rest, the ranking will cause riots and mean comments, but I want the drama. This is a hit, but I still feel there are even better tracks in her repertoire. Let this, though, be a testament to how great her debut album is.

4. Uptight Downtown — Trouble In Paradise — 2014

I would have places this one way higher, but I have to calm down and be sensible to the bigger picture. This is a great opener from her much-awaited second studio album and the right amount of a departure from her debut studio album.

3. Let Me Down Gently — Trouble In Paradise — 2014

This is one of my all-time favorite La Roux songs and would have placed it at the top of the list, but I gotta give in to peer pressure and also give credit where is due to the following two gems. The second half of this song is pure gay heaven.

2. I’m Not Your Toy — La Roux — 2009

This is such a close runner up! It is very reminiscing of that whole electro alt wave wish that happened in music around this time. It can’t beat the grandeur of the top choice, but it has great lyrics and the right vibe to tell that guy you had been dating to go back to the rock from under which he came. (Yes, I quoted Fiona Apple.)

1. Bulletproof — La Roux — 2009

Yes, I know I’m so predictable and generic and unoriginal, but if we all could cut the pretentious crap, then we could all embrace the fact that for once, an artist’s biggest hit is actually their best song. I also remember being blown away by the special effects of the music video when it came out, it seemed super fresh and effortlessly cool, kinda like how I think I am but am in fact not? You tell me, judging from this list.

Bonus Track: Under My Thumb — Sidetracked — 2010

I could not find out if this was ever released as a single, but given that it was the only La Roux track in this compilation album and that she played it live in some of her shows, you would assume that it was at least a promotional single? Regardless, I included it because I like it a ton. Sue me.

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