Milk allergy/intolerance in adulthood??? : Allergy

Hi, so recently I’ve been having a reaction to milk, specially breathing issues and wheezing. I’ve always drank a lot of milk, it doesn’t seem to be an issue if it’s just a splash of milk in tea ect more when it’s just milk by itself, which sucks because I’m a big fan of warm milk on a night time. I’m 31 and I honestly didn’t think it was a thing to developing allergies like this as an adult. I was looking at the symptoms of intolerance too but it seems I have the things that are listed as the allergy symptoms more than just intolerance… I’ve been having issues with bad acid reflux for a while now, that will sometimes get that bad it makes me choke on food and some drinks (Including cold milk, doesnt happen with warm for some reason) and I’m wondering if it could be something to do with the milk? Sorry for the long message I’m really annoyed with my body for rejecting milk, I love milk lol

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