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Memorable Cancer Ribbon Tattoos

Memorable Cancer Ribbon Tattoo

Why a Memorable Cancer Ribbon Tattoo? The Ugly Truth is that cancer does not leave anyone untouched. Alongside the people who the disease, their families also suffer from the terrible pain that cancer inflicts. That is where the ribbons come in, to be worn to show awareness about the disease or as a tribute to people who suffered from cancer or as a victory sign over the illness can be displayed as a meaningful tattoo. For countless reasons, people have a cancer ribbon tattooed on their bodies. They come in different sizes and colors; each color is importantly significant. Men and women tend to get these tattoos as their own personal medals after facing the disease whether directly or indirectly.

  1. Our first Memorable Cancer Ribbon Tattoo carries out an amazing and powerful message within two words that hold a big meaning. This tattoo shows what was overcome by an individual and a proof of strength and the will it took him to win the battle against what he went through. Whenever we hear about someone committing suicide, we tend to get sad and uncomfortable, where this person has decided to wear his troubles and scares with pride to set an example.
Memorable Cancer Ribbon Tattoo

Ribbon tattoos that cancer patients wear and patients who have survived it, as well as any family member who is associated with a victim of the disease, will definitely look good on them. But it is not the point behind them ribbons. They usually worm to show as a token to show love, compassion, honor, encourage and support the fight against the dreaded disease. ­Concerned people like to spread awareness around this horrible disease to keep them on guard and giving them hope if they get diagnosed with it and battle against it.

Most Memorable Cancer Ribbon Tattoo refers to cancer and each color represents a certain type of it. When someone gets a cancer ribbon tattoo it is because they feel like they have to do something to help out. It is almost a fact that the people surrounding cancer patients, the near and the dear can get overwhelmed with feeling helpless. Getting this type of tattoo makes them feel like they have done something and keep supporting the person battling the disease.

2. We do like this ribbon tattoo because it is very simple yet with a touch of creativity to it too. It intertwines with itself multiple times almost like a Celtic cross and a trinity symbol. This lady is wearing this survivor banner with pride and honor to show is that it is possible to overcome this horrible disease called cancer.

Some people wear this tattoo also as a tribute for those who fought the battle and lost their lives against this disease. It is considered as paying homage to those who passed away. For those who fought the battle and won will wear it as a medal of honor to keep reminding them to live their lives to the fullest. Some people like to add a saying or an inspirational quote to the tattoo to keep inspiring themselves and others, they might even add other symbols or faith relics and hope alongside the ribbon design.

3. This one is an awesome tattoo, the reds and whites, as well as the hint of blacks in this ribbon, allows this tattoo to really pop out. The style that was used in this design is just love-able. It’s simple, clean, with bold outlines. The white color is perfectly used to give the bow and flowing ribbon a shinning effect. The tattoo symmetry looks great and the is a clever addition to it.

Lavender color usually represents cancer in general, and yellow stands for bladder cancer, gray for the brain cancer, pink for breast cancer, white for cervical cancer, gold for children, dark blue for colon cancer, and so on…

There is no end for design possibilities when it comes to cancer ribbon tattoo types. That is because every experience is different and from one person to another person and inspired by their own personal story and events. The elements that are embedded in that tattoo will reflect motivation and inspiration in its details to the owner and the people around him.

4. From the way that this Memorable Cancer Ribbon Tattoo is wrapped around the cross including dates on both sides of the ribbon seeing that design tattooed on someone, we can deduce that the person has lost someone who was close to him from cancer. What makes it stands out is the bright pink color in contrast to the black backdrop wrapped around an asymmetrical cross that is well shaded.

Memorable Cancer Ribbon Tattoo

Getting a cancer ribbon tattoo is going to show its symbolical meaning, motivation, how much thought was given about it. Be aware that by choosing this tattoo design, It will relay a message that someone close to you has battled this horrible disease, so you need to pay attention to the design elements that will go into it, as a tattoo is something permanent, meaning it will stay with you for the rest of your life. So be very careful while choosing its location and design elements before getting it done.

5. The foot is considered as one of the most painful places to have a tattoo on it, where the end result is obviously well worth the trouble and pain. The pink cancer ribbon tattoo is a beautiful symbol to wear on behalf of those who are battling cancer. These little blue stars that goes around the pink ribbon adds a nice touch that will add a very good sense of color to the whole tattoo.

 6. These ribbons that are located around the ankles of this woman in the picture are very realistic. The details of the bow, the hanging strings, and the added finish Blair, really makes this tattoo combo pops out as of a beautiful piece of art. I love how the different shades of dark and light red that makes the bow stand out from the skin and give it a sort of a third to die mention.

 7. This large lower back piece has a great movement and great color. Did you take a closer look, you can see that the artist had an idea of making the ribbon looks as it was spawning from within the woman. It looks as if it is going in and out of the skin. It has a great flow that is well-done and its lines are clean and crisp.

Memorable Cancer Ribbon Tattoo

8. The classical symbol of the cancer ribbon tattoo is there really cool idea and make it something more alive. It has been given butterfly wings to bring it to life. This is a new take on the ribbon that was never seen before. Were the linework on the wings is clean and flows perfectly.

9. We love how this one is done. The artist had made this tattoo to look similar to a finger painting or brush strokes which is truly amazing. This tattoo reminds us of a drawing on a fridge that was hung by a loving parent passionately painted by their loving child for them. If shouts out originality he and authenticity.

10. When we see a Memorable Cancer Ribbon Tattoo like this one it makes us feel a little bit cringy but in a good way. The way this cancer ribbon tattoo passes through the skin is extremely realistic that you will feel amazed and shocked at the same time. The artist had done a great job to make both legs look symmetrical.

Memorable Cancer Ribbon Tattoo

11. This small and colorful Memorable Cancer Ribbon Tattoo looks really cool and unique. We love how is ribbon is made up of a bunch of puzzle pieces. What makes it even more impressive is that of the size of this tattoo and the details are clearly visible within this small ribbon. To add a nice touch to it, a heart was added to the middle of it. White ink was added on the heart to make it look like as if it was shining.

12. The scissors in this tattoo are just lovable. In this cancer ribbon tattoo, the scissors are cutting the ribbon which signifies that cancer has been defeated and the person who is wearing this tattoo has one the battle against. We love the level of details found on the handles and the blades of the scissors while the river is unraveled and wrapped around the scissors. It is a very cool idea and very original.

13. The anchor and ribbon combo that is highly colorful and enriched with details. The thick linework with perfect shading on this piece is extremely unique. We love how the artwork has an addition to the tip of the anchor of green leaves that were placed perfectly. The colors pop out perfectly and accent the gray anchor very well while complimenting each part of itself as well. The level of detail in the wooden handle takes it to a whole other level of beauty.

Memorable Cancer Ribbon Tattoo

 14. This cancer ribbon tattoo is another cool rendition that includes a butterfly. It looks more three-dimensional and it’s outlined as lesser visible. Most of the times that purple color represents royalty while the butterfly represents transformation or renewal. In which we can know what a person feels like After defeating cancer, possibly renewed.

15. The upper side of the ribs is a clever and beautiful place to have the cancer ribbon tattoo on. We love how outside of the ribbon is in pink and the inside is in blue. The birds found on the top and bottom are done with the nice details creating a sense of personality move in this design. The birds seem to have expressions on their little faces as well. What is beautiful about these birds is that they are Black on the outside and Purple on the inside which is a very creative idea as well.

16. This is great and a graphic Memorable Cancer Ribbon Tattoo that looks like it is holding a person together. The open wound and the blue ribbon are a complementing contrast to each other. Where the lock on the ribbon is colored and gold which is a good choice to go with the other colors.

17. We love how the angel wings spawn straight out the pink ribbon. The wings are highlighted in light blue to make it look more angelic. This tattoo artist has done a great job to make this tattoo look three-dimensional with a shining effect. We can conclude that whoever is wearing this cancer ribbon tattoo has lost someone to the disease. This is a tattoo that is going to last for a lifetime and it will allow this person to remember they’re lost loved ones the most intimate way. The linework and the details on the ribbon and wings are going to make it stand out. Shaving underneath the wings and the way the Ribbon loops Will make it extremely unique.

Memorable Cancer Ribbon Tattoo

18. In this one, we feel like you can reach out and pick the rose from the woman’s side. The details added to the petals are extremely impressive. The delicate details all leaves fanning out in the shade really makes you feel how’s the rose simply laying on her side we love the choice that this cancer ribbon tattoo has two colors, purple and light blue. The way that the tattoo flows and how this placed gives movement to the whole tattoo.

19. This one below somehow looks like royalty, feminine, and beautiful. The bow surrounded by jewels that almost shine on their own. This gives it a glamorous princess-like feel, as well as an extremely realistic look. The light pink bow looks very real and the shading on the bow perfectly placed two give this tattoo depth, while the jewels surrounding it remind us of a Tierra that princes would wear. We wonder if this tattoo would carry any symbolic meaning or is it just something pretty to look at.

20. This Memorable Cancer Ribbon Tattoo on the lower back is a classic and beautiful design. This beautiful combination of pink and purple really makes it stand out like jewels are all over the bow. The pink is making the bow stand out, and the purple is to create an in-depth shadow within. This tattoo will have the ability to keep all colors and not need at the shop job for many years.

Memorable Cancer Ribbon Tattoo

21. Here we can see the measuring tape is embedded within the bow to create a unique brilliant cancer ribbon tattoo design. Design is very well done to show that and the measuring tape looks like you can pull it out and unravel it any time. We wonder something to do with the business for just a clever idea. The tattoo artist has done a great job making all the proportion even.

22. Another painful place to get a tattoo on is the forefoot and the top of the ankle, but it is worth the pain. Royalty is usually represented by purple color so we are guessing this has something to do with it. Take a look at the skinny string intertwines and flows down the tattoo is extremely well done. Delight work on this tattoo is very smooth and clean.

23. We love the idea of adding classical tribal wings behind this perfectly executed ribbon. The winds are very symmetrical and they look exactly the same. These wings give life to this cancer ribbon tattoo, helping it to stand out. The turquoise ribbon has a lot of details within it which are extremely impressive. Not only is the turquoise help the ribbon stand out but the hint of white ink gets it fine shine, at the dark blue adds depth and shadow. The Tattoo artist knows exactly what’s he’s doing we are positive that this woman very satisfied with her near-perfect tattoo.

Memorable Cancer Ribbon Tattoo

24. We’ve wondered why all these spoons are connected to each other with this ribbon, we think it might have something to do with the culinary realm. These spoons are very well detailed shading from the handle the bottom of the spoon.

25. This one was a very clever way of turning the ribbon into a word. The word hope has a lot of meaning and depth within. The dark purple color act as a shadowing effect to create multiple levels. The pink is used as a different shade to give this tattoo a lot of character. This tattoo shows the person who got it has a lot of strength and hope they have within.

26. The rusty and gold colors with perfectly placed shading are going to make this Victorian stand out above all other. Flowing turquoise ribbon surrounding the keys looks like dancing in the wind without any effort. The level of detail within the key handle is breathtaking which makes you not want to take your eyes off the tattoo all day long. You can tell that this tattoo was freshly done from the irritated red skins surrounding it. This key design Will change the way you look at what beautiful tattoos look like.

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