Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen & Their Touching Reveal

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen & Their Touching Reveal

Q: What accomplishment are you most proud of?Mary-Kate, turning to Ashley: “Probably my relationship with you.”
Ashley: “Yeah.” [Inaudible through the crowd’s awes – she mentions Mary Kate being her partner, but the words aren’t clear in the video].

Mary-Kate: “We’ve worked so hard to be able to work together and communicate and always push forward. And, I mean, that’s something that takes a lot of time and [inaudible] and that’s really important.”

Mary Kate and Ashley stopped by the Khol’s Innovation Center (November 1) to sit down with Khol’s CEO Michelle Gass for an interview to promote the Khol’s and Elizabeth & James collaboration. It was the cutest interview that allowed its audience a very rare inside look to who they really are; they were both very open, they were cracking jokes the entire time, and they were visibly very comfortable. The fact that this wasn’t a wildly publicized and broadcasted interview undoubtedly had something to do with that. More clips can be viewed at the source via Instagram stories.

Elizabeth and James arrives on November 7. There will be no international shipping, unfortunately.


OP’s frustration at the unclear audio for ALL of the clips:

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