Mariah Carey uses her voice to steal a packet of Walkers Crisps from an elf in Christmas ad

Legendary singer-songwriter and Christmas Queen Mariah Carey is now the new face of Walkers Crisps and its Christmas campaign after reportedly signing a £9m deal with the snack giant. Carey replaces The Spice Girls as the face of the British snack.Limited-edition seasonal flavors returning this year are: “Brussels Sprouts,” “Pigs In Blankets,” and “Glazed Ham” crisps.

“Everyone knows how festive I am, and it’s been fun getting into the holiday spirit this year with Walkers Crisps – they’re irresistible!” said Mariah Carey in an official festive statement.

In the advert, Carey fights an on set elf for the last bag of Walkers Crisps and uses her high notes to steal the bag. We stan.

Are you feeling festive yet?

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ONTD, what are your favorite chips / crisps?

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