Love After Lockup 3.12 “Oh, You Wanna Be His Daughter And Wife?” Recap

Love After Lockup 3.12 “Oh, You Wanna Be His Daughter And Wife?” Recap

– Beloved, this fucking episode was one for the books! So much is a goings on
– the Vh1 doppelgänger whines and moans more about Shane’s proposal because her other inmate boyfriend proposed
– She tells Malicious Wounder with a Heart of Gold to leave the house so her other boyfriend can be paroled there and doesn’t see him
– Wanna B Jon B goes to visit his friend, Kato who looks like the Great Value Version of Dollar Tree Mark Walhberg because Wanna B Jon B wants to visit his ex-girlfriend
– His friend sees right through his BS and knows it won’t turn out well
– Yo theys double crossing!
– bruh, I usually make up titles for these posts but boy when she uttered that I just couldn’t resist
– So Puppy might be a rescue, but is she like pimping out Amber? Cold blooded!
– Rogue Veneer Angela is trying keep her distance between her and Runaway Bride Tony so she doesn’t get fooled again
– Wedge Flip Flops y’all, wedge flip flops
– These people want diamonds galore and don’t even have the cubic zirconia budget
– Wanna B Jon B goes on a coffee date with his ex while his fiancé and her eyebrows try on wedding dresses
– Daisy is manipulative as fuck


This episode has been brought to you by a mystery: What was Glorietta’s blue drink: Listerine, Hypnotiq, diluted Hugs, aquarium water???????

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