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Lewis Hamilton Hair Transplant: Did Mercedes star get a transplant to fix pre-mature baldness

Lewis Hamilton Hair Transplant: There were rumors that Hamilton got a hair transplant done, but he rubbished those rumors, only for a hair expert to claim it is indeed a transplant job.

Reigning F1 champions doesn’t have a lot of issues in his life or career at the moment. He is a 6-time world champion and the highest-paid F1 racer as well. But until last year, he suffered from a rare case of hair loss and baldness. Lewis says this happened due to using soaps and shampoos from hotel, which weren’t too safe.

The shampoos and soaps in hotels meant that Lewis’ hair started to thin out and thus he did for a long time have a fairly visible receding hairline.

Why did Lewis start losing his hair?

“If in hotels, would use their bad products but never shampooed and conditioned. My hair started to deteriorate and thin out.”

“I’ve been growing my hair for a minute now. I used to wash my hair with bath soap and genuinely anything I had at the time. Would wash it 3 times a day, morning, after training and at night. so it was always dry. If in hotels, would use their bad products but never shampooed and conditioned.

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A lot of men suffer from ‘Male Pattern Baldness’ where the hair starts thinning from the temple and the crown. And from what Lewis’ images reveal, he did suffer from Male Pattern baldness. And that cannot be cured with just using better shampoos and other hair products.

Lewis Hamilton hair transplant: The star speaks

Lewis has called the stories of him undergoing a hair transplant false. He says he has been doing ‘self-care’ of it, and also taking help from a ‘specialist’.

The major part of his hair care is about how he hydrates himself, has a good diet and ensures that he uses only suggested shampoos and conditioners.

As per Hamilton, this does not account to a ‘hair transplant’ being done. He also had advice for parents regarding hair care for their kids.

“Being educated about it was really something that I’d been missing my whole life. So parents, be sure to help your kids know how to take care of their hair.”

His flowing locks however, suggest otherwise. Now, either whatever he has been suggested and is implementing is working or Lewis is keeping a secret from all of us

While the ‘shampoo remedies’ should help a little, they essentially wouldn’t help him get back a head full of hair. They will only largely help him in keeping what is left on his head.

Hair expert claims Hamilton has had a hair transplant

But, not everyone is believing Lewis Hamilton with this words. James Nadin, a hair expert from Sydney, Australia that Lewis has definitely undergone hair transplant. He even complimented him for a good hair transplant job. And he quickly dismissed the Hamilton ‘soap’ story as “ridiculous”.

Lewis Hamilton hair transplant

“I doubt very much he could have got it grown like that with PRP [hair growth injections]. The before and after photos certainly suggest he has had a transplant.”

“(The soup story is) Ridiculous. It would certainly appear from the photos that he’s had a hair transplant.. and a good one as well.”

Lewis Hamilton has undergone a hair transplant, but somehow has refrained from accepting it. But whatever it is, his hairdo looks brilliant now and that is all that matters.

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