La Roux announces third album ‘Supervision’ out February 7

Nearly six years after releasing Trouble in Paradise, her critically acclaimed sophomore album—and first without former musical partner Ben Langmaid—La Roux (real name Elly Jackson) is scheduled to release its followup Supervision on February 7, 2020. The album, co-produced by Jackson and Dan Carey (Bat for Lashes, Hot Chip), will feature eight new songs, including lead single “International Woman of Leisure.”
1. 21st Century
2. Do You Feel
3. Automatic Driver
4. International Woman of Leisure

5. Everything I Live For
6. Otherside
7. He Rides
8. Gullible Fool
Ahead of its release, Jackson sat down with Dazed’s Kate Solomon to discuss Supervision, inequality in music, and more.

• Following the release of Trouble in Paradise in July 2014, Jackson found herself “very unsettled, creatively and personally,” and, for a time, physically unable to sing.

Three years into the making of the followup to Trouble in Paradise and following the dissolution of a long-term romantic relationship, Jackson had what she terms a “very, very, very mini breakdown” and scrapped all she had recorded to that point.

• Jackson began working on what would become Supervision in February 2018 (with the album’s second track, “Do You Feel,” kicking things off) and completed it in three months. Unlike the first two La Roux albums, this one “avoids consciously referencing other eras.”

When mentioning Carey’s involvement with the album’s production, Jackson is wary that it will be conflated with ownership of the material; she is emphatic that he came aboard as co-producer after everything was written and arranged by her alone.

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Are you excited for the return of La Roux?

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