Kpop post: BTS’ Jungkook booked for car accident, IZ*ONE variety appearances shelved, CL flees YG

People brought this up in the comments of the last post, but no one appears to have posted about it, so here it is:

What happened? As far as I can tell, no one actually knows. According to fans, Jungkook was inching past illegally parked cars to avoid hitting them when he struck a taxi. According to the article linked in the above tweet, he was in a minor collision with a taxi but was found not to be drunk driving, with police advising that he could be booked later if it was confirmed that the taxi driver was harmed in the accident.

It’s now later and Jungkook has been booked for two violations, one each under the Road Traffic Act and the Act on Special Cases Concerning the Settlement of Traffic Accidents. He’s expected to be summoned for questioning, though who knows/cares when.

Previously, Big Hit (BTS’ label) disclosed that Jungkook and the taxi driver had reached a settlement. The police have since said that Jungkook “was booked due to confirmation of the taxi driver receiving harm. Settlement is a personal matter and is not related [with the police investigation].”

The rest of the updates and tweets are under the cut:

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