It’s been a rough year for my family- prayers …

My dad had to bury his nephew, mother, and niece within a 10 month period. My mom also buried her brother in law last month. We recently welcomed a new baby (my brother’s daughter) in October, but we fear she has a condition where her skull fuses to early (which could cause permanent brain damage if not treated) and now she’s barely gained any weight and has been admitted to the hospital. I also have a nephew (he’s 4) who just had a cancerous tumor removed (this is his second time with cancer, he had a tumor removed when he was just 9 months old). My dad has also been battling health issues with his back and neck, and my mom’s job is stressing her out to where she feels drained and exhausted all the time.

I trust the doctors to help my niece and nephew, but it’s my parents I’m worried about, mainly my dad. He’s cried many times over the past few days over the news of his grandkids and having his first Thanksgiving without his mother. He just feels very helpless with everything that’s been going on. I’ve been praying to God and my patron saint to intercede on their behalf but could really use the prayers of a few more people. I’ll be praying for you guys, too. God bless.

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