How to get the Architect armor set

How to get the Architect armor set

The Architect is a character you’ll meet during your journey in Hellpoint. The robot NPC is looking for some help, and you could obtain the Architect’s armor set while you’re at it. Here’s our guide to help you out.

Hellpoint Architect Armor Set 1a1

Hellpoint guide: Obtaining the Architect armor set

Your first goal if you want to obtain the Architect’s armor set in Hellpoint is to reach Sohn District. The narrow and dingy streets will eventually lead you to a boss fight against the Arisen Congregators. I want the Hellpoint community to dub them the “Douchebag Twins” because these two are very annoying opponents early in the game.

Hellpoint Architect Armor Set 1bHellpoint Architect Armor Set 1b

Anyway, after taking them out, you’ll eventually reach an area that looks like a spaceport.

Hellpoint Architect Armor Set 1cHellpoint Architect Armor Set 1c

You’ll find the Architect inside the control room.

Hellpoint Architect Armor Set 1dHellpoint Architect Armor Set 1d

You can speak with him about a number of subjects and, heck, you could even kill him immediately (to get a weaker “Bloodied” armor set). Alternatively, you could help him reach his workshop.

Hellpoint Architect Armor Set 1eHellpoint Architect Armor Set 1e

The Architect’s loose movement in The Bowels

If you decide to help him out, you’ll go on a quick adventure to the Bowels (another area that’s connected to Sohn District). You’ll have to use the nearby elevator to get there.

Hellpoint Architect Armor Set 1f1Hellpoint Architect Armor Set 1f1

The Architect’s AI is clunky. He tells you to “follow him,” but he could end up just standing around. Then again, he’d sometimes run off and aggro a lot of mobs too. Likewise, he’s not invincible, and his corpse will only net you the weaker armor set.

Note: If the Architect dies, simply hit Alt+F4 and reload your save. This’ll bring you back to the spaceport if you saved beforehand.

Hellpoint Architect Armor Set 1gHellpoint Architect Armor Set 1g

Anyway, follow the dark tunnels until you reach a lift. There’s a Transporter (raptor) mob here that’s very aggressive, and it could kill the Architect easily.

Hellpoint Architect Armor Set 1hHellpoint Architect Armor Set 1h

Take the elevator up and you’ll reach a room with three doorways. I’ve marked them down below.

Note: If you speak to the Architect, he says that he’ll rest for a while. Now would be a good time to kill nearby mobs so he doesn’t accidentally die to them. If you speak to him a second time, he’ll run off to door #1.

Hellpoint Architect Armor Set 1iHellpoint Architect Armor Set 1i

Hidden door

The wall here actually opens up a secret room.

Hellpoint Architect Armor Set 2aHellpoint Architect Armor Set 2a

You’ll find an eye code/pattern:

Hellpoint Architect Armor Set 2bHellpoint Architect Armor Set 2b

A Breach Synchronizer:

Hellpoint Architect Armor Set 2cHellpoint Architect Armor Set 2c

And, of course, an exit that takes you back to Sohn District and a nearby breach point:

Hellpoint Architect Armor Set 2dHellpoint Architect Armor Set 2d

Door #1

This will lead you to a rampway and a narrow corridor with a lot of piranhas.

Hpoint Archi 1aHpoint Archi 1a

The large door also opens up to a chasm with some loot.

Hpoint Archi 1bHpoint Archi 1b

Anyway, follow the corridor until you reach a flight of stairs. You can pick up both the Bloodied (weaker) Architect armor set as well as the regular one with better stats.

Hpoint Archi 1cHpoint Archi 1c

The Architect will open the door here and you’ll complete his sidequest.

Hpoint Archi 1dHpoint Archi 1d

You’ll find yourself at the initial area of Sohn District if you exit the room.

Hpoint Archi NHpoint Archi N

Door #2

You’ll have to jump down a ledge here. That means there’s no way to return to your previous location unless you backtrack.

Hpoint Archi 2aHpoint Archi 2a

If you go through with it, there are a few zombie and demon mobs to encounter, as well as some loot.

Hpoint Archi 2bHpoint Archi 2b

There’s a stairwell at the other side of this chamber that leads to a Diamond Ingot, Inselium Rod, and an Omnicube Defense System.

Hpoint Archi 2cHpoint Archi 2c

The exit also takes you to the rooftop area of Sohn District.

Hpoint Archi 2dHpoint Archi 2d

Is the Architect armor any good?

The Architect armor set requires 6 STR and 10 COG to avoid penalties. It has somewhat low resistance stats (at least compared to heavier armor types). At the very least, it’s lightweight so you can equip some hard-hitting weapons like staves, columns/spears, or defensive gear like shields.

Hpoint Archi 3aHpoint Archi 3a

The main goal here, however, is to make sure that the Architect’s sidequest is completed. That way, he can tell you to meet him in the Observatory to plan your escape.

Much later after you’ve completed other requirements, the Architect will return the favor. His efforts will unlock Hellpoint‘s final boss so you can reach the true ending.

Hpoint Archi 3bHpoint Archi 3b

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