Fat loss diet rebound… : BingeEatingDisorder

Hey guys 😓 I’m obsessed with fitness and nutrition and have completed a rather extensive fat loss diet which has me pretty damn lean and I went on holidays for 3 days and binge ate my heart out as I told myself I’ve done so well after the last few months… now my binge eating episodes happen once a week regularly, maybe twice, this weekend went from Friday-Sunday… this is due to when I found out there was 7700 calories in 1kg of fat I feel like I can “handle” a few bad days, and a month later to now and I’m still lean but I’m noticing a 1/2kg increase in weight, and through my perceived eyes it’s fat and making me look ‘shit’. Fitness and nutrition consumes my life which I like as I’m active but the cheat days/Binge eating is so fkd up… I’ve been having negative thoughts as I literally can’t think straight when I eat out of line… I need help

Any tips will be good, or if anyone has services to offer to help with meal plans to regularly included mini cheats I don’t know please help.

Thanks a lot guys 🙌

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