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EA Sports UFC 4 Star Rating System Explained – Top 50 UFC 4 Fighters Slowly Being Revealed…(31-50)

EA Sports has re-envisioned the way players will view fighter overalls in UFC 4. Instead of an overall score for every fighter, they will now be given a star value from 1 to 5, that serves as a representation of their overall ability in the game.

In addition to the overall star rating, each fighter will also have a star rating for their stand up, ground game, health, and moves. This change will allow players to quickly observe and determine a fighter’s strengths and weaknesses in specific areas, without focusing on a single numerical OVR. This allows for a better assortment of fighters when playing online or against friends on the couch. For returning users and advanced players, you can examine a fighter’s individual attribute values as numbers. This will help you determine who has the highest punch power or highest kick speed in each division and allow comparisons of individual attributes on each fighter.

To accommodate the new gameplay features and allow for a more realistic representation of diverse fighting styles, the team expanded the attribute system.

  • Punch Speed / Kick Speed – Punches and kicks are split in terms of their speed.
  • Punch Power / Kick Power – Punches and kicks are split in terms of the damage they cause.
  • Clinch Striking – Supporting the brand new clinch system.
  • Ground Striking – Supporting the brand new ground and pound system.
  • Cardio – Replaces strike stamina and ground stamina.
  • Recovery – Replaces heart and toughness.

Make sure to read the full breakdown at the official UFC 4 website.

With that said, over the next 10 days, EA Sports will be revealing the top 50 fighters in UFC 4, starting from the top 50-41 today.

We’ll keep this updated…

UPDATE: (8-1) The top 31-40 UFC 4 fighters have been revealed. We’ve also added some new screenshots of some of the fighters.

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