Drake Rocks “Jesus Shoes” Filled with Holy Water

The Nike Air Max 97 “Jesus Shoes”, which originally were sold at $1425, but went for as much as $3000, dropped Oct 8, and sold out in minutes.

Why you ask? Foolishness most likely, but also because these shoes are reportedly filled with holy water from the River Jordan that has been blessed by a priest, have been made with 100% frankincense wool, and have tiny golden crucifixes dangling from the laces.

According to the Post, the shoes initially were thought of as a way of “trolling collab culture”.

“We thought of that Arizona Iced Tea and Adidas collab, where they were selling shoes that [advertised] a beverage company that sells iced tea at bodegas,” Greenberg says. “So we wanted to make a statement about how absurd collab culture has gotten.”

Calling Jesus “one of the most influential figures in history,” Daniel Greenberg of the product design company MSCHF went on to say,

“We were wondering, what would a collab with Jesus Christ look like?” Greenberg says. “As a Jew myself, the only thing I knew was that he walked on water.”

Apparently MSCHF bought the shoes at retail price from Nike and then added all that religious stuff and then marked it up to an insane price. So this isn’t even an official Nike promotion/collaboration.

ONTD, Have you ever trolled the public and then made money off of people’s stupidity?

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