Does anyone else get migraine triggers from certain fragrances? Would this be a true allergy or a sensitivity /or are they the same thing? : Allergy

I have suspected this being the culprit for about a year now. I have suffered frequent migraines since I was in my pree-teen years. (Before schools were scent smart) I stopped getting them as often and intensely when I finished school and went on to live life as an adult.

I have noticed on several occasions -someone would come into my workplace wearing fragrances either from laundry detergent or perfume and I would get the symptoms of a migraine coming on (aura or tunnel vision and sometimes numbing on one side of my face or hand, with a dull migraine pain. I have successfully managed the attacks with some essential oil blends.

Today I was using a homemade mask that was washed with a fragrant laundry detergent. I washed it twice and it still had the fragrance on it. I thought before leaving the house that maybe I shouldn’t use it out of my suspicion that it might cause a migraine but didn’t think much of it. A half hour into the day I started to get one and realized it was the mask that started it in the first place.

Then later I used hand soap at someone’s house and it happened again. So for this reason, I have officially accepted that I am a scent sensitive person.

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