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Daily uk news Virginia Roberts ‘spent two days alone with Prince Andrew at Epstein’s New Mexico ranch where she was instructed to entertain him endlessly and give him massages for which she was later rewarded $1,000’, unsealed court docs claim MetiNews.C – United Kingdom

Breaking News ! Virginia Roberts claims she spent two days alone with Prince Andrew at Jeffrey Epstein’s New Mexico ranch, where she was directed to ‘entertain him endlessly’ and give him ‘erotic massages’, according to unsealed court documents.Roberts, who also goes by married name Giuffre, recalled the alleged encounter in a 139-page manuscript titled, ‘The Billionaire’s Playboy Club,’ in which she documents the period of time she was sex trafficked by the pedophile and Ghislaine Maxwell.The papers were released last week as part of a tranche of documents compiled in a defamation case against Maxwell brought by Roberts in 2015. Roberts has long claimed Maxwell arranged for her to have sex with Prince Andrew on multiple occasions, including once in her London home when she was only 17. The British royal has vehemently denied the allegations.   Virginia Roberts claims she was flown out to Jeffrey Epstein’s New Mexico ranch sometime in 2001 to spend two days with Prince Andrew, according to unsealed court documents  Roberts, also known as Giuffre, 36, has long claimed she was trafficked to Prince Andrew multiple times, and said she was underage during at least one encounter. The Duke of York has vehemently denied the allegationsIn the manuscript, she claims Maxwell sent her to Epstein’s 10,000-acre Zorro ranch some time in 2001 to ‘entertain’ the Prince for which she was later paid ‘close to a thousand dollars’.Roberts said she was not initially told who was going to be at the property, and ‘it wasn’t my place to ask’ – but eventually arrived to find the Prince had already been waiting for her.    ‘”Hello” that same old cheesy grin greeted me once again. It was his highness Prince Andrew, and what a sight,’ she wrote.  ‘He wrapped his arms around my waist and greeted me like an old friend. I hugged him back rolling my eyes at the same time, already dreading what lay in store over the next couple of days.’My job was to entertain him endlessly, whether that meant having to bestow him my body during an erotic massage or simply take him horseback riding.’Roberts claimed the mansion was ‘completely empty’ with the exception of a couple maids and bodyguards that ‘we hardly even saw at all.’     Roberts described having to ‘entertain’ the prince at Epstein’s ranch, where she allegedly gave him many massages, in a 169-page manuscript made public this week The papers document the time Roberts claims she was sex trafficked by Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell She recalled feeling ‘disgusted’ and was counting down the hours until she was due to fly back home, saying: ‘It wasn’t easy meeting the sexual desires of these strange men, the Prince being one of them. ‘He loved my feet and even licked in between my toes. Then there was the lack of passion in the intimacy we shared, to him I was just another girl and to me he was just another job.’After their two-day retreat, Roberts returned to New York where she reunited with Epstein and Maxwell, who asked: ‘So… how was the ranch with the Prince?’ ‘I think he had a really good time, he seemed relaxed during the trip and when we said goodbye to each other he gave me a kiss,’ Roberts replied.

… Met Police destroyed records for the night Prince Andrew…

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‘I took him horseback riding, nowhere too far around the property, um..we went swimming in the pool, and of course I gave him plenty of massages. He had a massage at least a couple times each day, really seeming to enjoy his time there.’Roberts said her response was ‘what they wanted to hear’, but added that in reality, she felt ‘disgusting over the whole thing.’  ‘Like two proud parents they both looked over me with such content. “Good, you did really well,” Jeffrey complimented me,’ she wrote. ‘We all ventured up to Jeffrey’s office and out came the infamous duffel bag that went wherever he did. I was given close to a thousand dollars for my time in Santa Fe, more than what I thought anybody at my young age could make for a couple days of work.’  The allegations in Roberts’ manuscript are among various other bombshell claims that emerged this week alleging the Prince had been a frequent guest at Epstein’s properties, where the financier hosted orgies with young girls.Roberts separately claims she had sex with Prince Andrew on three occasions at  Maxwell’s apartment in London, in New York and on Epstein’s private island in the US Virgin Islands.She was infamously pictured alongside Andrew in Maxwell’s London townhouse in 2001, hours after she claims she first met Andrew in Tramp nightclub in Mayfair.  Andrew, once a close friend of both Epstein and Maxwell, has strenuously denied any wrongdoing.Prince Andrew is also facing pressure to speak to the FBI to aid their investigation into Epstein and his inner circle, including Maxwell. 

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