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New “alphabet song” gets dragged

October 28th, 2019, 03:44 pm New “alphabet song” gets dragged People find this new version of the “Alphabet Song” “disgusting.” https://t.co/cy3QjHZy21 — HuffPost (@HuffPost) October 28, 2019 In 2012, Dream English — an English-teaching website that aims to “make educational music” — debuted a new version of the classic children’s tune. This twist slows down …

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Who went home on DWTS 28×02?

+ You can now vote via text as well as on abc.com during the show, and those votes will decide the bottom two dancers at the end of the episode + Judges will save one of the bottom dancers, effectively deciding who actually goes home (SO NO MORE BOBBY BONES FUCKERY) In Jeopardy:Mary Wilson and …

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