Can Postnasal Drip Cause Asthma Like Symptoms? : Asthma

For a few months I’ve had pretty constant shortness of breath. It’s since improved a lot by starting allergy injections and a Symbicort inhaler. Since starting the inhaler and injections my chest now just feels a little heavy but not really short of breath anymore. All of my asthma tests have come back good showing no signs of actually having asthma. The only test that shows any positive is having pretty bad allergies.

The main constant during this whole episode has been postnasal drip. I feel like I’m always clearing my throat. In addition to the inhaler and injections, I’ve added a nasal spray, nasal rinse, and 1 a day allergy pill.

I guess my question is two part. 1. How do I stop the nasal drip, any recommendations? 2. Has anyone experienced this leading to asthma like symptoms?

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