A Black Cat Interrupted Mon Night Football by Running Onto The Field During Cowboys VS Giants Game

Today in Stewie, why is this a post?

As you may remember, last year a stray cat in Istanbul crashed a fashion show and gave the lesser models a lesson on how to properly do a catwalk and work the runway. This year, I present to you yet another cat who doesn’t give a fuck, crashing yet another event. Only this time? Last night’s Monday Night Football game.

In the middle of a game between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys, a black cat ran onto the field, showing so called athletes how to properly dodge any tackle, effortlessly and without injury. The cat delayed the game, until they got bored and ran off the field.

MetLife Stadium assured worried viewers that they were searching for this furry MVP to take to a veterinarian. Naturally this trended on Twitter with jokes and memes.

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