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Hi all, I am a 24 year old (gay) man and I am planning an upcoming trip this summer and seek expert advice! I am torn between two types of trips, both would consist of 4 cities. In both alternatives I plan to spend 3-4 days in each city.

  • Alternative 1: Paris, Marseilles, Berlin, and then Munich/Amsterdam

  • Alternative 2: Stick to France and make my way around 4 French cities (Paris and Marseilles being two, recommendations welcome for the other 2)

This would be my first solo trip and my first time visiting any of the cities listed above. I have always been drawn to France, and though I’ve never been, I speak the language at a basic level and would like to flex this muscle and immerse myself. I love food, art/architecture, and history/culture. I study transportation and urban planning so cities fascinate me. I also like to experience the nightlife of any new city I am in, which is why I am drawn majorly to Berlin.

My concerns with Alternative 1 are that I would be moving around too much and experiencing very different cities in a short amount of time. I love the idea of solely relying on trains as transport between cities and I feel that geographically this alternative is quite spread out for two-ish weeks. My concerns with Alternative 2 are that I am young-ish now and would be missing out on major social/nightlife experiences as well as historic urban centers. Can anyone quell my concerns or recommend what type of trip would be a better fit? Any guidance is greatly appreciated, cheers!

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