🚨 POP EMERGENCY 🚨 Mandy Moore – When I Wasn’t Watching

the production is a little “‘west coast,’ but make it coffeehouse” but idgaf. i loved her last two albums and am thrilled she’s found the confidence to release new material after all she went through with that pos ryan adams. she deserves the world.

Just commenting to say.. West Coast is one of Lana’s very best songs. I love it.

I love Mandy but… Hard pass.

yes come back!i was just listening to Gardenia this morning…might be my favorite song of hers

this is like that song hilary duff released …. “chasing the sun”? by that i mean i think she will release it – no one will listen then we will get her “breathe in, breathe out” type album a year laterEdited at 2019-09-17 01:39 pm (UTC)

lets not compare that flop to a legend, sis

lol nobody was checking for a singer-songwriter reincarnation of hilary duff. this is mandy’s wheelhouse, and she’s received critical acclaim for it.

I like it it’s chill music to have on in the background

I do like this, the production and lyrics. A good mid-30s, existential-ish vibe song

Not my thing, but if she’s happy with it I’m happy for her.

it’s very 00s singer-songwriter. i appreciate this


mandy this is not what we asked for


I LOVE IT mainly because it sounds exactly what the songwriters’ main music is LOL. like some straight up Rilo Kiley reject and then I see Mike produced it and Jason helped co-write? Sis, slay me. I’m ready for the reKilessaince.

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