Wellness-Supporting Gaming Partnerships : gaming partnership

There is a new gaming partnership between Hitmarker — a UK-based eSports job platform, and Gamer Advantage, which identifies itself as a “gaming wellness company.”

Gamer Advantage offers a highly rated blue light blocking gaming lenses and the product will be promoted on the Hitmarker platform, as well as on social media. Users of the job website will be able to receive a discount on the eyewear, in return.

To amp things up, the gaming partnership pulls in two charities — Gamers Outreach and SpecialEffects, offering up a portion of the proceeds from the collaboration to the not-for-profits. Gamers Outreach brings technology, equipment, and software to kids in hospitals to make their stay more elevated, while SpecialEffects assists people with physical disabilities in the UK play video games.

Image Credit: Hitmarker

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