Vegan Milk Pedicures : Plant-Based and Chill

Chillhouse, a modern wellness center based in New Yor City, recently joined forces with plant-based milk company Elmhurst Milked to launch a unique vegan milk pedicure dubbed ‘Plant-Based and Chill.’ Guests will have access to three specialty lattes in addition to two Elmhurst-inspired manicure and pedicure services: ‘Oat My Gosh’ and ‘What the Hemp’ that features the use of oat milk or hemp milk in place of a traditional foot bath.

“As we enter the New Year and continue to see more interest in the plant-based revolution, we want to find places to connect and engage with our customers directly,” Peter Truby, chief marketing officer at Elmhurst Milked, said. “Chillhouse’s commitment to wellness, self-care, and sustainability made them the perfect fit and we’re thrilled to team up to bring their guests an experience that we’re confident they will love.”

Image Credit: Shutterstock

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