Sugar Scalp Scrubs : Sugar Scalp Scrub

Even just a few years ago, most of the sugar scrubs available were created for the body but now consumers are being introduced to products like Cuvée Beauty’s Sugar Scalp Scrub for the sake of enhancing their scalp and hair health. Branded as a deep-cleaning cleanser, the Sugar Scalp Scrub helps to refresh and renew the scalp by exfoliating dead skin, oil, sweat, dirt and buildup from hair products. In place of salt, Cuvée Beauty’s scrub uses sugar to hydrate the scalp and offer the grit that conventional shampoo and conditioner products simply don’t supply.

Using the in-shower product is as simple as combining equal parts of the Sugar Scalp Scrub with shampoo and massaging the combination into the scalp.

Image Credit: Cuvée Beauty

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