Hydraulic Theory of Hair Loss

Stephen Foote and his Hydraulic Theory of Hair Loss

Earlier this month, an internet hair loss legend (a phrase I usually dislike utilizing) e-mailed me out of the blue. His identify is Stephen Ian Foote. He’s an impartial researcher based mostly within the UK. Despite the fact that he’s now in his 60s, it looks as if Stephen remains to be extraordinarily taken with hair loss analysis. I have no idea anybody extra persistent than Stephen in our sector of the web. Over three  many years of persistence and counting in his case.

Stephen Foote and the Hydraulic Idea of Hair Loss

Earlier than I proceed to what Stephen despatched me, under are some hyperlinks of curiosity:

  • Stephen Foote’s newest full correspondence paper/article (scroll down in there) printed in 2018.
  • His dialogue paper on his principle titled: “A Assessment of the problems in Historic and Present Hair Analysis, and an Missed Connection“. He says that is his most essential article.
  • Stephen’s previous feedback on HLT (click on on the “postings” tab).
  • His 1995 paper was titled “Hair Development and the Fluid Issue“
  • His profile on Researchgate.
The under is written by Stephen for this weblog’s readers:

My analysis into hair loss might be summed up very merely. Hair loss analysis is all about looking for the reason for the restricted anagen development of hair follicles throughout the dermal tissue, “inside” the dermal tissue being the essential level in my analysis.

Basically tissue physiology, it’s acknowledged that each one regular tissue development in vivo, is restricted by the expansion management described right here.

This in vivo development proscribing issue should apply to hair follicle enlargement within the dermis, however could be very clearly not being taken account of within the historic or present analysis into hair loss. My analysis is about what occurs if you apply this in vivo development management, to the recognized knowledge about hair loss. This clearly
explains why promising therapy indications in vitro and animal fashions, are simply not working within the Human situation.

The Background

I’m an English programs engineer, with over forty years’ expertise of constructing and troubleshooting advanced mechanical/hydraulic programs. Every now and then I’ve acted as an knowledgeable witness in authorized disputes in my discipline. I turned concerned with hair loss analysis fully by probability, after I noticed a TV science programme
about this drawback. Being affected by hair loss myself, I used to be eager to attempt to perceive what was occurring right here.

From the data offered, what initially struck me about hair follicle enlargement from my programs engineering perspective, was the pocket based mostly construction of the follicle, with the hair manufacturing space at its base. Which means that any swelling or shrinkage of the encompassing tissue will distort the follicle in such a method as to alter the scale of the hair manufacturing space. This was in 1995, a time after I solely had entry to textbook physiology. My first article
about this was printed in Medical Hypotheses, Hair Development and the Fluid Issue, 1995 Jun; 44(6): 475-8.

Shortly after this, I developed a critical long run sickness, and any additional analysis into this needed to be placed on maintain for a very long time. In 2002 I obtained web entry, and getting maintain of research and many others considerably improved, and I began to do extra analysis into this difficulty.

I printed one other article in Medical Hypotheses, The hydraulic affect in androgen associated hair development, implications in autoimmune illness. doi:10.1016/S0306-9877(02)00259-1

I additionally joined the hair loss boards for hyperlinks to additional data, and to see if anybody might present any scientific cause why I used to be on the fallacious monitor right here. There have been a number of posters who made such claims, however the so known as science behind these claims was flawed in my view.

By this time I had contacted many knowledgeable scientists within the discipline about this difficulty within the present analysis, however simply obtained a constant no remark. It needs to be famous that this consider follicle
miniaturisation, predicted the failure of the established therapy analysis to supply ends in the precise Human situation.

Present Standing

Seventeen years on, and to date this prediction has held true.
As time handed, increasingly more data turned out there that additional supported this dermal interplay, and in 2015 I printed a extra complete overview/dialogue article on Researchgate.

Due to the continued refusal of the acknowledged consultants to touch upon this difficulty, I printed my newest article that challenges scientists about this in Tissue Science and Engineering. This can be learn on Researchgate.

Finally there’s a easy backside line right here. Any legitimate scientific principle is required to elucidate all of the observations, with out including pointless complication (the rule of parsimony). In androgen associated hair development, any legitimate principle should subsequently clarify the next.

How DHT persistently will increase hair development in sure areas of the physique, in one thing like a dose dependent method. Additionally, why in just a few people DHT has the other impact of lowering hair development in sure scalp areas, in a none dose associated method. Then you should clarify all of the associated tissue adjustments.

These embody vital adjustments within the sweating capability of the affected tissues, decreased the place hair development is elevated, and elevated the place hair development is decreased. Additionally, the elevated immune reactions, hypoxia, and fibrosis within the balding scalp. Then in fact you should clarify why sure hair transplantation procedures work, when others fail. The normal claims concerning the position of DHT in adjustments in hair development, can not presumably conform to the established guidelines about legitimate scientific theories.

Nonetheless, when you issue the at present ignored spatial development controls into the information about DHT associated hair development adjustments, it’s a really completely different story. Then you may clarify all of the components described above, by only one preliminary motion of DHT. You are able to do this utilizing simply accepted textbook physiology, and also you don’t even have to know what is going on on the genetic/molecular stage.

So, what does this imply by way of remedies for hair loss? A main position of spatial development controls in hair follicle miniaturisation, explains why animal and in vitro research have persistently failed to supply therapy ends in People. The overruling nature of this in vivo development management upon all “regular” tissue development, predicts the identical destiny for all the present traces of therapy analysis.

While the molecular particulars of this development management aren’t absolutely understood, we do know that the Wnt’s pathway is concerned right here. This explains why manipulating Wnt’s does have an impact upon follicle measurement. However this isn’t a viable therapy technique, due to the actual hazard of manufacturing cancerous development.

The in vivo spatial development controls are additionally recognized to be relaxed considerably throughout the therapeutic course of. This explains why scalp wounding can enhance the native hair development. However that is solely a brief time period impact, and steady wounding will enhance the native fibrotic tissue, making the state of affairs worse in the long run.

There may be solely ever going to be one solution to considerably enhance hair development in these circumstances, and that is in fact to considerably cut back the tissue stress across the follicles. All the present remedies which have some impact upon rising follicle measurement, all do that to a point. Minoxidil, latanoprost, lasers, anti-inflammatories, therapeutic massage, and lowering the androgen stimulus

Realizing what the actual goal is, there are a number of attainable methods to cut back exterior tissue stress much more successfully, with minimal unintended effects and doubtless fairly cheaply. This is able to require nonetheless, that the individuals within the place to develop this type of therapy, are ready to pursue this.


I believe individuals needs to be conscious that in my papers the fundamental declare is just not mine, it’s the acknowledged science usually tissue development physiology.  In line with this, the historic and present analysis into the restricted development of hair follicles, is overlooking a fundamental in vivo development management that have to be concerned. It’s the present hair loss analysis that’s at odds with the mainstream science right here.

I do have a level of hair loss myself, however now in my 60’s, it doesn’t concern me as a lot. And I’ve regrown a good quantity from my private experiments.

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