Sophisticated Sparkling Juices : Avalade

Adults are becoming increasingly interested in alcohol-free alternatives and drinks producer Healeys offers a grown-up take on sparkling juices with Avalade. The high-quality drinks are offered in five natural flavors—Sparkling Cornish Apple, Cornish Elderflower, Cloudy Lemonade, Rose Lemonade and a non-alcoholic Ginger Beer—all of which are sold by the bottle. The simple beverages combine freshly pressed apples and sparkling water, all without added sugar, artificial colors or flavorings.

As a Cornish drinks producer, Healeys combined the Cornish word for “apple” with “ade” to express how its new drinks add extra sparkle to fruit beverages.

The rise of low- and no-alcohol beverages indicates that consumers are looking for beverages that are rich in flavors and textures and share more health benefits than they do undesirable effects.

Image Credit: Healeys

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