Rugged Retro-Inspired eBikes : Super73-S1

The Super73-S1 electric bike is an efficient transportation solution that balances an eco-friendly functionality with rugged style to offer riders a balanced option. The bike has a retro-style design that boasts the look and feel of a conventional motorcycle to change perceptions of what an electric bicycle has to look like. The unit is powered by a 500W nominal and 1,000W rear hub motor that work to deliver smooth acceleration along with a top speed of 20mph.

The Super73-S1 electric bike can deliver between 35 and 45 miles of range per charge thanks to the removable battery pack, and is even suitable for off-road riding to accommodate varied consumer lifestyles. The bike is priced at $2,200 and boasts a sturdy yet comfortable frame that will be right at home on city streets or trails.

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