Refrigerant-Free AC Units : HomeCool

The ‘HomeCool’ air conditioner was unveiled by OxiCool Inc. at CES 2020 as an eco-friendly alternative to conventional AC units that could help to drastically cut emissions for the appliance.

The air conditioner works with molecular sieves on the interior that make use of water within the system as well as fire and air to create a cooling effect for an HVAC system. The system is free of manmade refrigerants and can cut electricity demand by up to 40% when compared to the conventional units presently available on the market.

The ‘HomeCool’ air conditioner won an Innovation Award at CES 2020 and makes use of an array of home sensors to further optimize cooling. The system is available now for preorder at an estimated cost of $10,000 for a 20,000 BTU/hr system with four in-home heat exchangers.

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