Sarcoidosis of the scalp - Rare Scalp Condition

Rare Scalp Conditions That Can Cause Permanent Hair Loss

Scalp well being is essential for wholesome hair progress so it’s comprehensible that folks typically fear about hair loss once they develop signs similar to an itchy scalp or dandruff.

Nearly all of scalp circumstances are simply handled and are unlikely to trigger shedding – apart from potential hair breakage from repeated scratching.

Nevertheless, there are some scalp issues which might result in everlasting hair loss, although these are – fortunately – uncommon.

Right here we discover a few of these uncommon scalp circumstances…

1 Sarcoidosis of the scalp

A widely-cited article (PMID: 10727323) on sarcoidosis of the scalp printed within the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology from the 12 months 2000 advises that solely 24 circumstances of this situation had ever been reported at that time.

The situation is alleged to be a “uncommon manifestation of cutaneous sarcoidosis” which is extra widespread amongst African-American girls, and is recognized through a biopsy.

A blood check might also be taken because the British Affiliation of Dermatologists advises calcium and angiotensin-converting-enzyme (ACE) could also be elevated in individuals with sardoidosis. Lung operate might also be monitored as this may be affected, too.

Along with inflicting Cicatricial Alopecia (scarring hair loss) and non-Cicatricial Alopecia, it could additionally contain plaques or nodules creating on the scalp.

Therapy for the scalp type of sarcoidosis includes using topical, prescription steroid options or injections, although the place scarring hairloss has occurred, hair regrowth is unlikely because the follicles can have been destroyed within the scarred areas.

2 Lipoedematous alopecia*

Lipoedematous alopecia - Rare Scalp Condition
A) exhibits a affected person recognized with Lipoedematous Alopecia B) exhibits the affected person’s x-ray illustrating their scalp thickening

Lipoedematous scalp causes the layer of fats beneath the scalp to thicken; this causes the brow and/or again of the top to grow to be “mushy, spongy or thick”. It’s generally present in girls, regularly girls of color, and when related to hair loss, it’s known as Lipoedematous alopecia.

Though the exact trigger of those uncommon circumstances are unknown, elements are believed to incorporate regularly sporting tight headwear and hormonal points. It has been linked to diabetes mellitus, renal failure and ovarian cysts, amongst different sicknesses.

No therapy or remedy for Lipoedematous alopecia exists, although corticosteroids could also be used to assist cease or decelerate its development.

3 Lumpy scalp syndrome

First found in 1978, along with the apparent signs – pus-filled lumps or ‘nodules’ on the highest or again of the scalp – Lumpy Scalp Syndrome additionally causes hair loss in these areas, an absence of nipples, ear deformities and partially webbed toes, in accordance with a November 1990 paper printed within the Worldwide Journal of Dermatology.

This analysis states its origins have been traced to a lady in Somerset, UK, who died in 1918, through 5 generations the place, of 56 of her direct descendants, 10 have been discovered to have this situation and a pair of had partial diagnoses.

Info supplied by the US Nationwide Library of Drugs advises Lumpy Scalp Syndrome is attributable to mutations to the KCTD1 gene and analysis includes genetic testing. A picture of somebody with the situation might be discovered, right here.

The uncommon inflammatory situation is often known as Scalp-Ear-Nipple (SEN) syndrome or Finlay–Marks syndrome and is usually current from delivery, although some signs could go away throughout childhood, together with scalp lesions therapeutic.

4 Graham-Little-Piccardi-Lassueur syndrome*

Graham-Little Piccardi Lassueur Syndrome - Rare Scalp Condition

As with lots of the above, Graham-Little-Piccardi-Lassueur syndrome (GLPLS) causes cicatricial alopecia of the scalp; it additionally, nevertheless, causes non-scarring hair loss within the armpits and groin areas. Moreover, follicular lichen planus could trigger tough bumps to happen across the hair follicles. It’s a uncommon situation that, though it will probably have an effect on males, is 4 instances extra prone to current in girls aged between 30 and 70 years outdated. It can be accompanied by extreme itching within the affected areas.

Potential causes are thought to incorporate stress, genetics, autoimmunity, vitamin deficiencies and hormonal adjustments, although none have been confirmed.

Though the scarring hair loss can’t be handled by way of selling hair regrowth, there are therapies similar to corticosteroids, retinoids, antimalaraials and antibiotics, which can gradual the speed of hair loss.

Anybody who’s nervous about dropping their hair, seeing additional hair fall or sudden bald patches develop, or notices a drop in hair density ought to contact a hair clinic for a session.

Following a scalp evaluation by a devoted hair specialist, personalised suggestions for scalp care merchandise and/or hair loss remedies might be made, the place applicable.

If there isn’t a non-surgical treatment obtainable for his or her specific hair loss situation – as is the case with many types of scarring alopecia – Belgravia could provide a referral to a highly-skilled hair transplant surgeon for a session.

* Info supplied by the Genetic and Uncommon Ailments Info Centre, a part of the US Division of Well being and Human Companies.

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