Plant-Powered Jerky Snacks : plantbased jerky

KRAVE creates a variety of beef, pork and chicken jerky products that appeal to everyday snackers and health-conscious consumers alike, and KRAVE Plant-Based Jerky was created specifically for those who want more plant-based foods in their diet. The plant-based jerky snacks—available in Smoked Chipotle and Korean BBQ varieties—are prepared with peas and fava beans, offering eight grams of protein per serving, which KRAVE identifies as “an eating experience and nutritional profile superior to any vegan jerky currently on the market.”

Jimmy McClain, KRAVE Brand Manager, describes KRAVE Plant-Based Jerky as “a direct response to what our consumers have been asking for: more portable snacks tailored to their specific diets that provide clean fuel throughout their busy days.”

Image Credit: KRAVE

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