Microwavable Chipotle Bowls : Loma Linda Chipotle Bowl

The Loma Linda Chipotle Bowl is a highly nutritious dish that is perfect for conscious looking for a healthy and convenient food option. The new microwavable pouch was launched by Atlantic Natural Foods and boasts savory plant-based protein, black beans, rice and veggies for a sustainable and nutrient-rich dish.

This portable meal pouch is great for any level of chef thanks to its easy-to-prepare design: simply heat up the pouch for 60 seconds in the microwave and serve. It’s perfect for plant-based eaters and flexitarians alike as it’s incredibly affordable at $13.99/6 pouches. Consumers can find the Chipotle Bowl Meal Solution at over 500 Costco locations across North America thanks to the new strategic partnership.

Image Credit: Loma Linda

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