Indestructible Waterproof Notepads : waterproof notepad

UK-based studio PLEI DESIGN is introducing the all-weather Nanobook 2.0 on Kickstarter as an indestructible, refillable, fire-resistant and waterproof notepad. The ultra-durable design is also touted as toddler-proof, sweat-proof and hacker-proof, suggesting its ability to support a wide range of users—even in the most inclement conditions. Fortunately, the palm-sized notebook can be used to record notes with a variety of objects, including everything from coins and keys to bullets in the case that a pen is not available.

The tough notebook boasts a titanium cover, stone paper pages and a compact size that can be taken anywhere. Due to the unique composition of its pages, the notebook is tree-free, water-free, acid-free and bleach-free.

Image Credit: PLEI DESIGN

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