Hemp-Infused No-Alcohol Brews : Outbound Brewing

Outbound Brewing was created by craft lovers and adventure seekers who are passionate about creating new kinds of beverages, specifically non-alcoholic products that are infused with CBD or THC. The small-batch products include traditional non-alcoholic brews, varieties infused with 20 milligrams of broad-spectrum hemp and others enhanced with 10 milligrams of THC, all of which are available in flavors like Pale Haze, Blood Orange Haze and Grapefruit Haze.

The brand’s non-alcoholic craft malt beverages boast less than 0.5% ABV and have the potential to appeal to adults who are looking for a new take on familiar drinks that can be enjoyed in social settings with less of the adverse effects of alcohol and more of the benefits of hemp or cannabis.

Image Credit: Outbound Brewing

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