Elimination Communication + Good Baby Sleep: My 7 Biggest Tips

Elimination Communication + Good Baby Sleep: My 7 Biggest Tips

by Andrea Olson of Go Diaper Free

After years and years of instructing elimination communication (or EC) to oldsters with little infants, one of many largest challenges they face is balancing EC with good child sleep. In a current survey of our Go Diaper Free group, one-third of oldsters mentioned that Nighttime EC was their largest problem.

Many new mother and father who follow EC will marvel:

  • Ought to I follow elimination communication at night time?
  • How will EC have an effect on my child’s sleep?
  • Will it hurt our EC follow if I don’t potty my child at night time?

So many questions!

Let’s reply these and extra with my 7 largest tricks to steadiness EC and sleep. Beginning with the Golden Rule.

The Golden Rule: Solely do nighttime EC if it helps the whole household sleep higher

That is the massive, big, overarching “golden rule” of night time pottying: solely potty your child at night time IF it helps the whole household sleep higher.

With newborns, it’s fairly easy. For those who begin EC at birth-Three months, doing EC at night time will very doubtless assist your child sleep significantly better. In what’s known as the “4th trimester,” infants are very primal of their wants, and the intuition to be clear and dry is at its highest. Doing EC at night time with a new child might help the whole household sleep higher.

Right here’s an instance of our night time routine with a new child child, after we are bedsharing, night time nursing, and doing nighttime EC within the first few months of life:

child stirs to get up, I provide the highest hat potty in mattress, child pees and poops in it, I re-diaper, I nurse child again to sleep – clear, dry, fed, and cozy.

In case your child would like to nurse first and resists the potty, then by all means skip the pottytunity! Sleep all the time trumps pottying…as a result of a well-rested child is a contented child (and well-rested mother and father are happier, too).

With an older child, mother and father could discover that EC disturbs a pre-existing wholesome sleeping sample. Their child will get up with a purpose to use the potty, or as a result of they’re moist – and from doing EC, they’ll demand to be modified instantly. This doesn’t occur on a regular basis, however it will possibly negatively have an effect on sleep to start with phases of beginning EC with an older child. (If this occurs, ordering a customized sleep plan would assist…simply point out that you simply do EC!)

Moreover, a really drained postpartum Mama could not need to rise up with child night time after night time to go to the toilet and nurse again to sleep. She might want her child to sleep by means of the night time when it’s developmentally applicable for that to occur. I’ve positively been there, myself! On this case, doing EC at night time will not be serving to Mama sleep…so due to this fact this Mama could not need to do nighttime EC right now. (Evening dryness can all the time be addressed later.)

The ethical of the story is that this: if EC at night time helps the entire household get higher sleep, do it. If not, skip it for now.

Subsequent, let’s focus on naptime.

Provide the potty strategically for a extra comfy nap

All the time provide the potty once you discover your child starting to get sleepy…earlier than they develop into overtired. Getting sleepy? Provide the potty as a part of their pre-naptime routine…earlier than they get too fussy.

Then settle child down for sleep nevertheless you presently do this: rocking, nursing, and even simply laying your child down. (For those who need assistance with that, be part of the Child Sleep Web site members space right here.)

An empty bladder and bowels will assist child drift comfortably off to sleep.

I additionally advocate providing the potty when your child wakes up. That is the time when those that don’t do EC will change the diaper…provide the potty at the moment and ultimately your child will perceive that that is a part of the routine – and it’s a chance for him to make use of the bathroom each time he wakes up.

If child wakes in the midst of what needs to be an extended nap, you may both provide the potty (if child simply goes again to sleep after) or use the diaper as a “back-up” and soothe child again to sleep, instructing her to take an extended nap. Whether or not your child wakes up moist or dry after a nap will not be as necessary as offering a pottytunity earlier than sleep, and providing one upon waking.

Now let’s have a look at nighttime sleep and bedtime habits.

The very best pottytunities for a greater night time’s sleep

I’ve described one instance of new child nighttime EC beforehand, however what about cellular infants and younger toddlers? What will we do in another way after we get to ages the place child can now sleep by means of the night time, and we need to help that?

Nicely, there are Four instances you may provide the potty at night time which will assist your child be extra comfy and dry (and never disturbed by the necessity to pee).

As this mama shared on our Instagram the opposite day, providing these pottytunities could make every little thing smoother at night time:

Elimination Communication Baby Sleep Tips

In case your child is comfy, she’s gonna sleep higher. In case your child must pee or poop, it is going to disturb the going-to-sleep course of.

So, for cellular infants and strolling toddlers as much as 18 months previous, it’s usually useful to combine one or all of those 4 strategic “pottytunities” (alternatives to make use of the potty) into their nighttime routine:

  1. Last pee. Make a “closing pee” a part of your bedtime routine. Everybody in our household, new child to grown up, will get the chance to pee proper earlier than mattress. All of the kiddos are given a small sip of water from a tiny Dixie cup, then taken for his or her closing pee, then tucked into mattress. Your routine could fluctuate, simply you’ll want to provide a closing pee as late within the bedtime routine as potential.
  2. Dream pee. Use the “dream pee” to forestall nighttime accidents. Dim the lights and potty child within the bed room on a mini potty or prime hat potty, then again to mattress with out a dialog. You are able to do this earlier within the night time once you, the mother or father, goes to sleep (for instance: 10:30/11pm) or you are able to do this early within the morning…about 15-30 minutes earlier than child usually wakes up with a moist diaper (instance: 4:30am), then again to sleep. The objective isn’t to totally awaken your youngster, simply to quietly provide the potty at midnight, and put her again to mattress with out disturbing her sleep, permitting her smaller bladder some reduction in the midst of an extended night time’s sleep.
  3. Morning pee. All the time provide a “morning pee.” If child is moist once you get to her, provide the potty anyway as a part of your morning routine. You can even strive setting an alarm to get her sooner, or use a video or audio child monitor to listen to when she first begins to stir. All people have a hormone that wears off after we start to get up after deep sleep; the bladder then fills and we have to remove. (I name this one an “simple catch” and it’s a good way to ease into EC along with your child.)
  4. At any wake-up. If you change child’s diaper, provide the potty and get child again to sleep nevertheless you usually do. Do what works for you, corresponding to: nurse then potty, then again to sleep, or potty then nurse, then again to sleep. A part of the rationale they’re awake is that they’re uncomfortable (hungry, have to potty, chilly) and providing the potty at a wake-up will assist them really feel comfy sufficient to float again to sleep.

Subsequent let’s focus on daytime sleep and the way it impacts nighttime sleep…and EC.

Good daytime sleep habits will assist your child sleep nicely at night time

The whole lot you do within the day impacts what your child does at night time. I extremely advocate studying about good daytime sleep habits in order that your child doesn’t get up all night time to nurse, which in flip causes him to wish to pee, which might trigger a whole lot of misplaced sleep!

Good daytime sleep habits (and good daytime EC habits) trickle over into nighttime – both inflicting comfy deep sleep…or an evening stuffed with wakeups, feeding, and potty instances.

After we started placing our infants down for daytime naps with out resorting to nursing, it vastly improved our infants’ high quality of sleep at night time. Be taught extra within the Child Sleep Web site members space.

Know which you can opt-in, or out, of nighttime pottying as you go

I would like you to know that, when doing EC, it’s utterly non-obligatory to supply the potty at night time. Mother and father usually select to do EC part-time, and to depart the nights for sleeping. The ideas on this submit will get you began, however I positively advocate studying extra about Nighttime EC so you are able to do it with confidence.

And, no, it is not going to hurt your EC success if you don’t potty your child at night time. Nighttime dryness naturally follows daytime dryness, so if it doesn’t work for your loved ones, you should utilize a back-up at night time till you’re able to give attention to being diaper-free throughout sleep. (If you wish to wrap up nighttime potty coaching – whether or not you practiced EC or not – with a toddler over 18 months, you may take a look at my potty coaching e-book for some simple how-to’s.)

For those who do resolve to potty your child at night time, issues could also be up and down over time. As your child grows and hits developmental milestones, he could start resisting the nighttime “pottytunities.”

It’s been going nicely for weeks or months, simply and effortlessly pottying at night time then again to sleep…and the the entire sudden…bam! Whole resistance. On this state of affairs, you may take a break from nighttime EC or get inventive with the following tip…

Get inventive when you’re dealing with nighttime EC resistance

Generally child has pottied cooperatively at night time for a lot of months, after which all of a sudden cries in protest about peeing at night time. If this occurs, no worries. You possibly can both decide out of providing at night time for a time, or get inventive by nursing whereas pottying.

Nursing throughout pottying can show to be a helpful, if acrobatic, trick: you may both nurse your child over a prime hat potty or bowl, or over a mini potty or the sink or bathroom, and sign by saying “pssss” or “peepee” or operating water as you provide whereas nursing. (Remember to intention if in case you have a boy!)

Lastly, let’s demystify what to decorate your child in throughout naps and nights for essentially the most comfy sleep…and the smoothest EC expertise.

Use the correct “back-up” at night time

Doing elimination communication includes a easy paradigm shift: the diaper is not a everlasting bathroom…it’s now a “again up” for when mother or father and child miss each other or when mother and father are too busy (or selecting to follow part-time EC).

It doesn’t matter what age your child is within the EC vary of 0-18 months, it’s necessary to decorate child within the nighttime “back-up” that’s going to finest help your targets. Again-ups can embrace disposable diapers, fabric diapers, break up pants, tiny underwear, fabric coaching pants, commando, and bare on the underside.

As with daytime elimination communication, I like to recommend dressing your child in a back-up that encourages her to sign for the toilet the most effective, that helps her get the most effective sleep, and that helps maintain the mattress (and her) dry. In case you are prioritizing child sleep over EC right now, then use a backup that retains child feeling dry whereas additionally aligning along with your parenting values.

Over the course of doing EC along with your child, the back-up could change relying on how your targets change. For those who’re going for diaper-free naps or night time sleep, then you definately’ll use a back-up that feels the least like a diaper.

And that’s it. I hope the above ideas will show you how to wrap your head round how you can give your child the most effective probability at sound sleep, whereas additionally honoring your child’s instincts to remain clear and dry with elimination communication.

For those who ought to want any steerage on EC, day or night time, please take a look at my well-liked elimination communication e-book and go to my weblog at godiaperfree.com. For prime hat potties, mini potties, tiny underwear, tiny coaching pants, and fabric pull-up covers, please go to my sister web site, tinyundies.com…as a result of once they’re out of diapers this early, what is going to they put on? I stay up for serving to you and your child be “diaper-free” – or free from unique dependence upon diapers – day and night time.

Andrea Olson is the proud mama of 5 youngsters – all ECed from delivery, all out of diapers by strolling – and proprietor of Go Diaper Free and Tiny Underwear. When she began Elimination Communication along with her first child, she struggled with how you can really potty her new child – the place had been all of the visible, easy directions…and had been there every other mother and father doing EC? Since then, Andrea has made it super-simple for 100,000s of oldsters worldwide to start out EC with their very own infants, as early as delivery…and has educated over 300 coaches to host EC communities throughout the globe. She lives in Asheville, NC, along with her husband, kiddos, candy kitty, and (ultimately rely) 18 yard chickens.

Testimonial from Andrea:

When our 4th child was 7 weeks previous, he would cry nonstop from 7 pm to midnight each night time, utterly exhausted. He wouldn’t cool down for sleep with out the 5 hour battle, it doesn’t matter what we tried. We ordered a personalised sleep plan and counted the minutes til we obtained it. With that and the 5 electronic mail follow-ups (which we positively used on disaster days), our new child sleep drawback was solved inside every week. After we hit extra hiccups just a few months down the highway, our sleep marketing consultant was responsive and useful. Branson was sleeping by means of the night time fairly quickly thereafter…and we couldn’t have executed it with out you!

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